6 This Happens To The Body If You Are Not Intimate

, – Do you know if not having sex for a long time can increase the risk of health problems? Having sex does have many health benefits. However, not everyone can do this one activity for many reasons. Be aware of some of the side effects to health if a person has not had sex for a long time!

7 things that happen to the body during intimate relationships

1. Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

Men aged 50-70 years who are not sexually active will experience an increase in erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction itself is the inability of the penis to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition can be caused by various things, one of which is the result of rarely having sex.

2. The Risk of Having Prostate Cancer Will Increase

In men who ejaculate regularly during sex can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in old age. This is because regular ejaculation during sex can clean the fluid produced by the prostate gland, thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

3. Experiencing an increase in blood pressure

Someone who rarely has sexual intercourse will have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure . In someone who is diligent in having sex, the blood vessels will widen, so the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the body will increase. This can prevent the risk of blood vessel blockage.

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4. The Risk of Experiencing Stress Will Increase

Having sexual intercourse regularly can also prevent stress on a person. The reason is, having sex can increase endorphins which are useful for controlling stress and emotional disturbances. In addition, someone who regularly has sexual intercourse will also have good quality sleep, so they will avoid stress. So, when you are under stress, it doesn’t hurt to have sex so that the burden on your mind is slightly reduced.

5. Weakening of the Immune System

Having sex can trigger the release of the hormone DHEA ( dehydroepiandrosterone ) which is useful in boosting immunity. Someone who has sex regularly, that is, two to three times a week, will have higher levels of antibodies in the body than someone who does not regularly have sex.

6. The Risk of Having Heart Disease Will Increase

Why are sex and orgasm linked to heart health? This is because sexual intercourse is another form of exercise, which can train the strength and balance of the heart muscles. This can reduce a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

Although there are many benefits that you can enjoy when you have regular sexual intercourse, don’t forget to always adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating foods with balanced nutritional content. Also, have sex in a safe way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. To find out more about the benefits of sex or want to check your sexual problems, you can use an application .

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