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6 Sex Problems Often Faced by Pregnant Women

, – Since pregnancy, most women are reluctant to have sex with their partner. Apart from being worried that these activities could harm the fetus, there are some pregnant women who also become less confident because their body shape has changed. Having sex is no longer as fun as it was before pregnancy, because there are various problems that pregnant women experience when having sex. The following are sex problems that are often experienced by pregnant women and their solutions.

1. Miss V Removes More Fluid

Petra Boyton, UK M&B sex expert revealed that when pregnant, women will produce more lubricating fluid and have a strong aroma. The mother’s husband may feel this “difference” when having sex.

Solution: Well, mothers can tell their husbands about these changes before having sex, so that the husbands can better understand how they feel. However, if you have an unpleasant and strong odor during sex, talk to your doctor about this immediately. By using the application , mothers can discuss and ask doctors for health advice via Video / Voice Call and Chat .

2. Decreased sexual desire

The physical condition of the mother during pregnancy is different from the period before pregnancy. Hormonal changes that occur in the mother’s body will cause pregnant women to tire easily and their moods often fluctuate. These things sometimes make pregnant women not excited to have intimate relationships with their partners.

Solution: If pregnant women feel tired or uncomfortable to have sex, you should not push yourself. Give your partner the understanding that the mother cannot fulfill her “wants” for a while. Ask your husband to be patient and wait until the mother really feels comfortable again.

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3. Worried About Miscarriage During Orgasm

Many mothers who are young pregnant worry that when they reach orgasm, it can harm the fetus and even cause miscarriage.

Solution: As long as you pay attention to the safe rules, having sex is not dangerous for the fetus. A new pregnant woman is at risk of having a miscarriage if the mother has had a previous miscarriage or has had problems with her pregnancy. If the mother is still in doubt, just talk to your doctor about the possibility that an orgasm can harm the fetus in the womb.

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4. Breast Leaking During Orgasm

Entering the final trimester, sexual stimulation can indeed make the mother’s breasts release milk, also known as colostrum. This is very natural, so you don’t need to panic.

Solution: However, if the leaking of the breast makes the mother feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to have sex for a while.

5. Feeling Guilt on the Baby

Some pregnant women even think about whether the future baby can be aware of what the mother is doing out there, including when having sex. This ultimately makes some mothers feel guilty when having sex while pregnant.

Solution: Mothers need to remember that intercourse during pregnancy is a normal and normal activity to do. Even having sex is useful for improving sleep quality, mood and relieving pain. So, you don’t need to feel bad about your little one, huh.

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6. Babies moving when they are making love

Some babies can move around as long as their parents have sex. This happens because the baby in the womb can feel the movement and sound of the mother’s sigh while making love.

Solution: This is normal and the baby will not have an emotional response to the activities the parents are doing, so the mother does not need to worry or feel guilty. After an orgasm, the mother may feel your little one not moving for a while. This may be due to contractions in the uterus when the mother reaches orgasm. Therefore, avoid too deep penetration.

So, you don’t need to worry anymore about having sex during pregnancy. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play to keep your mother healthy during pregnancy.