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6 Physical Signs If You Have Sexual Diseases

, – Being sexually active, especially without using protection, can put a person at risk of contracting venereal disease or sexually transmitted diseases. This disease can appear without you knowing it and cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Sometimes sexual illnesses don’t even cause any symptoms at first. People who have sexually transmitted diseases are sometimes confused with the flu, because the symptoms include sore throat, fever and joint pain. So, be aware of sexually transmitted diseases by recognizing the symptoms.

1. Genital Discharge Fluid

One of the signs of sexual disease is abnormal discharge from the genitals. Usually this symptom is more common in men, namely Mr P secretes a foreign substance or fluid that is not normal. The types of sexual diseases that usually cause these symptoms are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. These three types of infections can actually be treated by taking antibiotics, but you are still advised to go to the doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

2. Pain When Urinating

Another sign of sexual illness is pain or burning sensation when urinating. However, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney stones can also cause the same symptoms. In men with men, the pain when urinating is also accompanied by a thick yellow green discharge from the mouth of the urethra. When this condition occurs, then there are three types of sexual diseases that are suspected to be the cause, namely chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. Also look for blood spots in the urine.

3. Genital Itching Feels

In women, sexual diseases can cause vaginal discharge to feel itchy or hot. However, these symptoms can also be caused due to other health problems such as irritation or yeast infection. Bacterial vaginosis can also cause vaginal itching. Even so, if you feel an abnormal sensation in vagina, you should talk to your doctor. 6 Causes of Miss V Itching

4. Abnormal vaginal discharge

This symptom can also be caused by several health problems, one of which is sexually transmitted diseases. Normal vaginal discharge is usually odorless and colorless. However, if vaginal discharge in large quantities, smells fishy and greenish white, it could be caused by trichomoniasis. Meanwhile, vaginal discharge due to gonorrhea is generally yellow with blood spots. Know the 6 Signs of Abnormal vaginal discharge

5. Pain During Sex

Pain during intercourse is usually experienced by women who are having sex for the first time. However, if the pain gets worse or occurs after changing sexual partners, it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. Whereas in men, sexually transmitted diseases can cause pain during ejaculation. Also read : Find out the 4 causes of pain during intimate intercourse

6. Warts or Bruises

Be careful if there are strange bumps or bruises around your mouth or genital area, because it can be an early symptom of sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes , HPV, syphilis , and Molloscum contagiosum . Even though the wart or lump has disappeared, you are still advised to see a doctor, because you still have the potential to have the virus in your blood and can transmit the infection.

The only most accurate way to find out if you have contracted a genital infection is to do a laboratory examination at a hospital or health clinic. You can also ask the doctor for a venereal disease test if you feel any strange symptoms on the genitals.

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