6 Exercise Moves to Tighten Buttocks

– Not only slim, women also usually crave a sexy body. One part of the body that is often thought to increase a woman’s sexiness is the buttocks. That is why many women try their hardest to get a tight and round butt.

Well, for those of you who want to tighten your buttocks, here are 6 safe and effective exercise movements to do so that your butt can be firmer:

1. Squat

Squats are a sport that is easy to do anytime and anywhere, but has a big effect on the body. No exception for those of you who are trying to tighten your buttocks. It’s so miraculous that regular squats will not only tone your glutes, but also increase mobility in your hips and ankles.

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Here’s how to do it:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then stretch your arms forward.
  • Slowly bend your knees, lower your hips as low as possible and push your buttocks back, as if in a sitting position.
  • Keep your knees no more advanced than your toes. Repeat this movement 8-10 times slowly. The lower your pelvis is when you squat, the tighter your butt will be.

2. Full-Leg Contraction

You can start this full leg contraction by making a wide-squat position, where you open your legs as wide as possible, then bend your knees until they form a 90 degree angle. Then, lift the heel of your right foot while tensing your right leg and hold the position for about four seconds, then bring your foot back. Do the same with the left leg, and repeat a few times.

3. Leg Lift

This leg lift movement is effective in burning calories quickly, as well as toning your glutes. The way to do this is:

  • First, lie on your back on the floor and make sure your head, legs and butt are flat on the floor.
  • Holding your abs, lift your legs up and bend your knees inward at a gentle 90 degree angle.
  • While doing this movement, with both hands holding the dumbbells , lift your upper body and swing it in until it meets your knees.
  • Keep your butt flat on the floor. Hold for a few seconds then return to starting position. Perform this movement for a count of 2×8.

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4. Glute Squeeze

The glute squeeze is arguably the easiest movement to do, but it can have a big effect on the buttocks. The way to do this is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, tighten your glutes as much as possible, hold and feel the contraction for four seconds. Repeat 4-8 times.

5. Standing Knee Crunch

This move is one of the keys to Beyonce’s secret to getting her hot ass. The way to do this is:

  • Stand in an upright position with your feet shoulder width apart, then place your hands behind your head.
  • While tightening your stomach, bend your right leg to the side until the knee is pointing outward. Lift your legs up to waist level and point your feet, that is, your toes are facing the floor.
  • Simultaneously, swing to the right in a deep exhale, as if you want to make your knee and right elbow touch each other, but keep your left foot on the floor.
  • After that, return to the starting position with your head and shoulders straight, then repeat for the left side. Perform this movement for a count of 2×8.

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6. Lunges

Not only tightens thighs, lunges movements are also effective for tightening the buttocks, you know. To perform this movement, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, step your right leg as wide as possible forward, then lower your body while bending your right knee until it forms a 90 degree angle. Do alternating between the right and left leg.

Those are 6 exercise movements that can be done regularly, if you want to tone your butt. It should be noted that apart from doing various sports movements, it is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you feel unwell, immediately download the application to consult a trusted doctor , anytime and anywhere.


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