6 Effective Ways to Lose Weight by Cycling

, – Lately, cycling is becoming more and more popular. Besides being fun and healthy for the body as a whole, cycling is also a powerful way to lose weight, you know. Especially if it is balanced with various other healthy lifestyle patterns.

Yes, losing weight by cycling has the same principles as other sports, which requires persistence, patience, discipline, and the application of a healthy lifestyle. If you cycle to lose weight, then you can get maximum results.

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Tips to Lose Weight by Cycling

Losing weight by cycling can be maximized by applying several techniques and tips. Both when cycling and when not cycling. Here are tips for losing weight by cycling:

1. Change Your Diet to Be Healthier

If you want to burn fat and lose weight, the most important thing to pay attention to is your daily intake and diet. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cut excess food intake. Just change your diet to be healthier than usual. Eat regularly and drink lots of water every day.

2. Reduce Foods High in Fat and Sugar

Foods high in fat and sugar play a big role in weight gain. So, if you want to lose weight by cycling, you also need to reduce foods high in fat and sugar. Besides being able to help you lose weight, reducing foods high in fat and sugar can also reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, such as stroke and diabetes.

3. Avoid consumption of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are very high in calories. If you have a habit of consuming it excessively, cycling like any kind may be useless. So, avoid alcohol consumption, if you want to lose weight by cycling.

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4. Avoid the “Revenge” Mindset

Often times because you are so tired of exercising, you want to eat well as “revenge”. This mindset should be avoided if you want to lose weight by cycling, huh. Even though there are additional tiring activities, such as cycling, eat properly, according to portions, and pay attention to the nutritional content.

5. Maximize Cycling Time

For those of you who want to lose weight by cycling, the time spent cycling is more important than the distance covered. To make it easier, you can use applications that are widely available, to calculate how much distance can be covered when cycling for 30 minutes.

Then, record the distance covered and set a target to reduce the time it took to reach the same distance. If you do it regularly, your body’s fitness level will also increase, so the time it takes to cover a certain distance is also shorter. That way, the calories burned will be even more.

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6. Be consistent

The journey to lose weight should be used as a lifestyle that will be adopted forever. So, there’s no need to rush and mess around. Follow this as a routine and do it consistently, without rushing. That is, make targets that are easy and sensible to achieve according to your abilities.

Those are some tips for losing weight by cycling. If you need advice on setting the right diet for healthy weight loss, you can download the app to talk to a nutritionist , anytime and anywhere.

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