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6 Benefits of Honey for Children

Honey is a liquid that contains sugar in beehives. Honey itself is produced from the nectar of flowers that are in bloom and then sucked by bees and fermented. The bee that produces the best quality honey is Apis dosarta which is an Asian bee.

Honey itself has a sweet taste so it is liked by many people. Not only useful for adults, the benefits of honey for children are also numerous. So, mixing honey or making honey as a food ingredient is the right choice.

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In honey, there are many sources of vitamins that are useful for maintaining children’s health. In honey there is glucose which functions to mediate metabolism for energy sources for cells in the body, there are also fructose, sucrose, maltose, water, and vitamin c.

Because it is natural, consuming honey will not cause side effects at all in the long term. However, honey is only recommended for children one year of age and over. Because, children under one year of age are still not able to digest it properly. Well, here are the benefits of honey for children:

  1. Supports Growth

Children will continue to experience growth. Therefore, they need adequate nutrition to support their growth. As a parent, you can give honey regularly every day as much as one to two spoons for better growth.

  1. As a Source of Energy

The benefits of honey for the next child are as a source of energy. Children are usually very active playing and running, so by consuming honey their energy needs will be fulfilled.

As mentioned earlier, honey contains a natural sweetener, namely fructose. Fructose itself is a long-lasting source of energy. So, consuming honey for active children is the right choice.

  1. Makes a Healthy Digestive System

Toddlers usually still put their toys in their mouths. This can interfere with digestive health. Thanks to honey, various bad bacteria in the digestive system will be fought by the good bacteria contained in honey.

  1. Heals Wounds

Because they are too active in playing, children may fall and get injured. Well, the vitamin C content in honey will make wounds heal faster and prevent infection faster. In addition, several studies have also shown that honey applied to wounds will make them heal faster.

  1. Source of Vitamins

Honey contains almost all the components of vitamins that children need, namely vitamins B1, B2, B3, D, K, and E. All of these vitamins are needed to optimize their growth and development. In addition, honey also has the advantage that it can be absorbed by the body quickly, only about an hour after consumption. This is what underlies the reason for the body feeling fitter and full faster after consuming honey than other foods.

  1. Improve Memory

Consuming honey at least 20 grams per day will trigger the regeneration of cells in the brain and stimulate the production of hormones that are responsible for children’s intelligence and memory. Good memory is needed in the growth process so that children are able to explore and learn new things around them.

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