6 Benefits of Doing Foreplay Before Sex

– In simple terms, foreplay is considered something a man must do so that his partner is ready to have intimate relations. But now, foreplay has become a part of the whole love experience.

According to a psychosexual therapist who is also a professor at New York University, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, it is important for a woman to do foreplay because they need a longer time to reach the sexual arousal needed to orgasm.

More than that, there are many benefits of foreplay before having sex, both women and men. The following include:

Burn Calories

Normally, warming up before intercourse can burn 150 calories. Meanwhile, very passionate foreplay will burn more than 300 calories in the body.

According to nutritionists, the standard calorie for men is 2500 calories per day, while for women around 2200 calories per day. And every day we produce a lot of excess calories. For that, for the sake of health, we have to burn it.

Adding closeness

For married couples who have a long marriage, this will add to the romance of the relationship and at the same time be an extra spice so that the partner is fully aroused and reaches maximum enjoyment. Men need to extend the duration of foreplay to get an erection and women’s arousal will increase even more.

Better Orgasm

Research conducted by the Journal of Research tested men and women in stimulating their sex organs to orgasm. They report that orgasms are more enjoyable when sexual desire has increased previously. Another study that took a sample of people aged 16 to 64 years found that the variety of foreplay practices that were carried out would make them take longer to have sex.

And another survey conducted on 152 couples reported that the ideal duration for foreplay is around 18 minutes.

Long Term Relationship

Another benefit of foreplay before intercourse is for a long-term relationship. The presence of children, a lot of work, the emergence of financial problems, and various other activities will stretch your relationship with your partner. By doing foreplay before having sex will help you maintain a relationship with your partner.

Reduces Pain

For women, reaching orgasm reduces menstrual pain due to uterine contractions and the blood pushing it out. In addition, if you are suffering from headaches, this will allow you to reduce them even completely after reaching the climax.

Remind Immunity

One of the foreplay activities is kissing. According to the Journal of Medical Hypotheses at the University of Leeds, kissing can cause transmission of Cytomegalovirus between partners who kiss. This causes the exposed individual’s body to produce an immune system against Cytomegalovirus. The specific immune system against Cytomegalovirus is important later for the protection of the fetus in the event of pregnancy because Cytomegalovirus infection in a certain period will interfere with fetal development if the mother does not have a previous immune system. If you feel it is hard to warm up before having sex, it doesn’t matter if you discuss it with the expert, in this case the doctor. Because after all, you need to understand your partner’s body, anatomy, and physiology in order to both enjoy sex.

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