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5 Yoga Positions That Can Maximize Intimate Relationships

– In addition to Kegel exercises that have been proven to be effective, yoga can also make your intimate relationship experience hotter, you know. Don’t believe it? According to studies, women who practice yoga experience improvements in their desire and orgasms. What about the Adam? For them, yoga overcomes premature ejaculation. Well, from the many yoga poses, you can try the poses below that can maximize your intimate relationship with your partner.

  1. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

This pose, experts say, can strengthen the muscles of the spine, back and stomach. Now, with these three muscles trained, intercourse activity will feel even more intense. Not only that, the cobra pose movement can also train your breathing so you can delay your climax so that you last longer in bed. Then how about the movement?

It’s simple, this movement starts with a prone position, the face is tilted up, and the palms are under the shoulders supporting the body, then the legs are together. Now, when the pose is correct, do this movement while inhaling.

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  1. Camel Pose / Ustrasana

Camel pose can increase the flexibility of the pelvic muscles as well as strengthen the abdominal muscles so that you don’t easily cramp and run out of breath during intercourse. The pelvic muscles themselves are involved a lot when you and your partner have sex. Apart from that, this pose can also improve your posture and digestive system.

  1. Diamond Pose / Vajrasana

The movement begins with sitting on your knees with your buttocks on your heels, or with your feet facing up next to your buttocks. After that, inhale while placing your palms face down on your thighs. Sit up straight, relax, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then, exhale.

Hold this position for 10 minutes while continuing to breathe naturally. According to experts, this pose can improve blood flow in the pelvic area and to the reproductive organs.

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  1. Mula Bandha

In Sanskrit, “mula” means root or base. While “bandha” means to lock or tighten. In short, mula bandha means locking or tightening the basic muscles. The basic muscles here are none other than the pelvic floor muscles. The movement begins by sitting cross-legged. You have to keep the spine in its natural shape, which is forming an “S” with the back.

After that, close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed manner. Then, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, like holding your urine, while inhaling, holding, then releasing the muscles and breathing slowly. For maximum results, repeat this movement for 15 times. You can do this movement while standing.

  1. Cat Pose / Marjaryasana

This one movement can also maximize intimate relationships. If you want to try it, the initial movement starts in a table-like position, resting on your knees and palms. Keep your hands and feet shoulder width apart. Then, slowly pull your back up while taking slow, deep breaths. What must be considered, knees and shoulders do not change position.

After that, tighten your glutes, if you can, try to lower your chin toward your chest. Then, hold for a count of 10, exhale while returning to the starting position. Experts say this pose can increase the flexibility of the pelvic muscles so that they can move flexibly. For men, this movement is useful for holding ejaculation longer, improving blood flow, and strengthening the arm and chest muscles. Remember, men need strong arm and chest muscles when doing several intercourse positions.

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