5 Ways to Deal with Sexual Harassment

, – In Indonesia, the rate of sexual harassment cases is still very high. Most of the victims are women. Indiscriminately, this very unpleasant act can happen to women of all ages and ages, from children to adult women. Of course, no woman wants to accept this treatment. However, if sexual harassment occurs, what should be done?

Not only in the form of physical contact, according to the definition of The Advocates for Human Rights , sexual harassment also includes verbal, non-verbal, or visual behavior that has sexual connotations, violates decency, and is carried out unilaterally, resulting in damage to a person’s dignity. So, behavior like cat calls , perverted comments, vulgar glances, requesting naked selfies , etc. is also sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also occur anywhere in public places such as on public transportation, on the roadside, in offices or in one’s own home.

There are several ways you can do when you are treated indecently:

1. Confronting the Perpetrator Directly

Whenever you feel uncomfortable about sexual harassment, even if the offender is joking, be assertive and do something about it. Most women are hesitant or afraid to be assertive because they are worried that they will offend the offender, are afraid to trigger a scene, or are afraid of being overlooked. However, you need to realize that the most important things are your dignity and yourself, not the feelings or opinions of others. By being assertive, the offender may also recognize his mistake and be reluctant to go further.

Now, if you choose to confront face to face, here are the things you should pay attention to so as not to endanger your personal safety:

  • See Surrounding Situation . When you want to take action, first look at the situation you are in. In particular, pay attention to the location of the exits and the possibility to ask for help if needed.
  • Decisive Attitude . Look the perpetrator in the eye and express your displeasure with the behavior in a clear and firm voice, such as “don’t hug me, it makes me uncomfortable,” or “don’t say that to me, that’s not good.” Whatever you feel, say it out loud, but avoid being aggressive or being rude to the offender.
  • Don’t Serve . After that, the perpetrator may tease or even say harshly, but don’t be provoked into serving him. Ignore whatever they say, then ask them to leave or you will leave.

2. Always Be Alert

Do you often hear about cases of sexual harassment in public places, especially on public transportation? So, because it’s important to always be vigilant when you are in public. For example, don’t be so engrossed in playing your smartphone that you forget what happens around you. Also, choose a place for women only when using public transportation to prevent acts of sexual harassment.

3. Arming Yourself

There is nothing wrong with learning martial arts so that you can protect yourself from crimes as well as a sport ( Benefits of Practicing Muay Thai for Women ). However, if you don’t have time, bring pepper spray with you wherever you go. This tool is very useful when you are in danger.

4. Shout and Run

There are situations when it is impossible to confront the harasser directly. For example, when you are alone. So the steps you can take are immediately take a thousand steps or run. This is important because angering a sexual criminal will only cost you your life. If you can’t escape, grab the attention of those around you by shouting.

5. Tell your family and friends

If you receive continuous harassment from colleagues at work or neighbors, tell your family or closest friends to ask for solutions and help. Support from those closest to you is really needed at times like this. If necessary, you can ask family or friends to accompany you to report the perpetrator to the authorities.

Keep on guarding yourself and don’t be afraid to be assertive, OK. If you feel stressed or even traumatized as a result of experiencing sexual harassment, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor via the app . Talk about your health problems with your doctor via Video / Voice Call and Chat anytime and anywhere. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play.