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5 Tips for Safe Orgasm for Pregnant Women

, – Pregnancy is often the reason many couples hesitate to have sex. Starting from reasons of being afraid of risks, such as miscarriage, to feeling uncomfortable. Basically, pregnancy doesn’t necessarily make you and your partner have to stop sexual activity.

If done safely and correctly, of course at the right time, intercourse during pregnancy is said to be of benefit to the health of both the mother and the fetus. The greatest fear that makes couples reluctant to have sex during pregnancy is because they are afraid to harm the fetus and trigger a miscarriage. Even though this assumption is not entirely correct.

Having sex, even reaching orgasm has its own healthy benefits for expectant mothers. The uterine contractions that occur during orgasm are generally mild and harmless. However, to avoid these risks. It is better if intercourse is done after 20 weeks of gestation or in the second trimester.

5 Rules for Sex that is Safe While Pregnant

Orgamse in pregnant women can be healthy because of the increased blood flow from the heart to the genital area and pelvis. In addition, intercourse and orgasm during pregnancy can also reduce the risk of heart disease during pregnancy. So, to be safer, you need to know 5 tips for safe orgasms for pregnant women! Anything?

1. Set the Best Position



While pregnant, women may feel uncomfortable in certain positions, including when lying down. For that, if you and your partner plan to have sex, be sure to set the best position. Try experimenting with different positions.

Try every possible position to see which one is most comfortable. Maintaining a comfortable position during intercourse is one way to ensure and avoid unwanted risks.

There is no need to hesitate in finding the best position, because the fetus will not actually be hurt. This is because the baby is protected in the womb by muscles and amniotic fluid. To be more comfortable during intercourse, don’t hesitate to tell your partner if the position is uncomfortable.

2. Don’t Miss Foreplay



Foreplay in sexual activity turns out to be fun and can help mothers feel calm. Therefore, you should not skip this one stage. In fact, you and your partner are encouraged to linger in foreplay so that intimate relationships feel more comfortable for pregnant women.

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3. Lots of lubricants



You and your partner can choose to use lubricants or lotions to make intercourse more enjoyable. This can help make intimate relationships more comfortable and enjoyable for pregnant women.

4. Additional pillows



Feeling uncomfortable in a sleeping position is very common and is often felt by pregnant women. To outsmart, you can add pillows to keep your body comfortable. Using additional pillows can help pregnant women feel more comfortable and less sore.

5. Watch Time



The next tip for safe intercourse during pregnancy is to make sure you do it at the right time. New pregnant women are advised to have intercourse after turning 5 months of pregnancy. However, it turns out that as the time of birth approaches, more frequent intercourse is encouraged. The reason is that it can help smooth the labor process.

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