5 This is in the category of sexual harassment, what is the reason?

, – So far, many people think that sexual harassment is only limited to rape or forced sexual intercourse. In fact, there are many other types of treatment that can fall into the category of sexual harassment, and of course can result in trauma and health problems for the “victim”.

Komnas Perempuan said that sexual harassment is an act of sexual nuance, whether it is conveyed through physical contact or non-physical contact. This action is usually performed by targeting a person’s sexual body parts or areas of sexuality. In fact, there are a lot of actions that fall into this category, from whistling, flirting, displaying pornographic content, sexual gestures, to comments and remarks that are sexual in nature.

In fact, these actions can make a person feel uncomfortable, offended, and feel humiliated, resulting in disturbances in physical and mental health. Sexual harassment isn’t all about sex. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand and often commit acts of sexual harassment , whether consciously or not.

Types of Sexual Harassment You Should Know About

When viewed from the category, sexual harassment is divided into five types. Apart from sexual acts, there are several other things that fall into the category of sexual harassment. Anything?

1. Gender Harassment

Giving derogatory comments against a particular gender can fall into the category of sexual harassment. For example, harassment, insult, or humiliate women, both in the real world and on social media. There are several examples of gender harassment that can occur, from derogatory comments, demeaning pictures and writing to women, to offensive jokes or humor that make anyone hearing them feel embarrassed.

2. Teasing Behavior

Sexual harassment can also occur because of seductive behavior, either in public places or at work or school. Starting from unwanted sexual advances, inviting you to leave in a coercive way, sending annoying messages and calls, and other requests.

3. Sexual Coercion

Forcing someone to engage in sexual activity is also a type of sexual harassment that can occur. Especially if this coercion is also accompanied by the threat of certain punishments and makes the victim feel afraid and does not have the strength to refuse the invitation. In the world of work, the usual threats include negative job evaluations, threats of termination of employment, to accusations and gossip that are circulated in the work environment.

4. Promising Rewards

Sexual harassment can also be in the form of an invitation to have sex with the promise of certain rewards. This can be done, either openly or privately. In some cases, promised rewards may never be given.

5. Intentional Physical Touch

Serious sexual offenses , such as deliberately touching, feeling, or deliberately attaching certain body parts. It can also include sexual assault which is carried out when the victim is careless or does not have the capacity to resist.

Sexual violence does not only happen to women, but also men. This behavior certainly cannot be tolerated, because most victims will experience prolonged trauma, ranging from depression and other disorders.

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