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5 things that trigger someone suffering from sadomasochism

– There are many ways that a person can get full satisfaction in sexual relations. One way is to practice sadomasochism, or sexual activity that involves torturing a partner. Not a few people think that sadomasochism is a deviant act. However, not a few people who like intimate relationships in this way.

Then, what causes sadomasoscis? Here are some of them:

The emergence of pleasure when feeling sick

Unlike someone who actually stops having sex when he feels sick, a masochist will actually feel more satisfied if the intimate relationship that is carried out causes more pain. This condition of course involves two people who both like acts of violence in intimate relationships so that sexual satisfaction is maximized.

The party who gives pain is often called the dominant party or the sadistic party, who will give pain or punishment to the partner by hitting, slashing, tying, and many more. Meanwhile, the masochist or recipient will feel a very thrilling sensation when receiving the pain. In fact, this pain will often increase sexual arousal.

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The existence of psychological trauma

Health experts claim that sadomasokis is a sexual disorder caused by psychiatric problems. Generally, offenders who enjoy sexual intercourse in this painful way tend to have psychiatric trauma as a child or in their infancy. The main reason for this trauma is having been sexually abused in the same way.

Even so, there are not many studies that study cases of sexual disorders. Based on information from the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the limitations of this study are due to the non-uniform definition of various health experts. However, an APA psychiatrist, Ellis Weinberg, the perpetrators of sadomasochism tend to position themselves as masters and slaves or teachers and students.

Often Receive Abuse in the Past

Trauma is the main cause of sadomasochism. One of them is because he often receives harsh treatment from his parents when he is still relatively young. This treatment will make an impression and carry over to adulthood, so that it is not impossible for the person to do the same thing to a partner, especially when having sex. Eventually he becomes a sadist, and hurting his partner becomes irreplaceable satisfaction.

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Brings Revenge

In addition to trauma due to harsh treatment or sexual harassment, the trigger for someone to suffer sadomasochism can also be a grudge against someone. Like harsh treatment, this resentment also carries over to adulthood and will be channeled by certain people or even all partners. This is what needs to be watched out for, because grudge does make someone unable to think clearly when doing something.

The Wrong Association

Adolescents are very vulnerable to wrong associations, especially if they are supported by less harmonious family conditions. This can lead them into negative associations, one of which is by being fond of violence against others. If not resolved immediately, this will carry over when he has intercourse.


Those were the five causes of sadomasochism that need to be known. If this disorder interferes with the quality of life with your partner, immediately treat it to a specialist. So, if you want to know more about sexual disorders, try opening the app and using the Ask a Doctor service. There are many expert doctors who will help you get a solution for every health problem you experience. Come on, download the application now!