5 Signs That Should Not Be Ignored When Having Sexual Diseases

, – Irresponsible sexual behavior and not maintaining the cleanliness of intimate organs can increase the risk of venereal disease. Some venereal diseases show clear symptoms, while some do not show any signs. Until finally transmitting the disease to other people or realizing too late after the disease condition worsens.

To be aware of it, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the early signs of venereal disease that need to be known, as described below.

  1. Pain when urinating

Pain when urinating can be a sign that you have venereal disease. Usually if it’s not too bad, it still feels like a stuck pee or wants to urinate but no urine comes out. This painful condition when urinating can be a sign that you have venereal disease.

  1. Genital Itching

Actually itching is a common thing, for example, if you wear too tight underwear, the material of your underwear doesn’t absorb sweat, and you don’t change your underwear. However, if the itching sensation is accompanied by a burning sensation and red spots in the genital and groin area, you may have venereal disease. Itching and red spots are the first symptoms of genital herpes and the more you scratch them, the herpes will spread.

  1. A Fishy-Smelling Discharge from the Genitals

Another sign that should not be ignored that indicates that you have venereal disease is a fishy-smelling discharge from the genitals. Discharge from Miss V or Mr. P is a normal situation, especially if you are sexually aroused, it is normal for your genitals to release lubricants.  Be careful, these 5 diseases can be transmitted through kissing

For women, genital fluids can also be released to clean female organs and maintain their natural moisture and pH. The aroma varies depending on the type of food eaten. However, the smell until it smells fishy or foul with a thick green color, you can predict if there is interference with your genital area. Normally, the clear color of genital fluid is slightly thick for men, while women will be like glue with a chewy texture.

  1. Pain during intimate intercourse

Pain during intercourse can be a sign that you are suffering from venereal disease. This unnatural pain will be accompanied by a burning sensation and is like being stabbed. Usually, if you don’t have enough lubricant, you will feel pain when you penetrate. However, when you finish penetration, the pain is still felt with a focus of pain not only on the outer genital area but on the inside, it is likely that you have gonorrhea or chlamydia.  Clitoris vs penis, differences and similarities

  1. Dark colored urine

There are several reasons why urine can be dark. It could be that you are dehydrated, but there are other possibilities if you have certain venereal diseases. If the urine is dark but not accompanied by painful urination, it could be that you just lack fluids. If there is pain during urination accompanied by drops of blood, especially a few days or weeks before you penetrated, it means that there is an infection of the genitals caused by disease.

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