5 Sexual Abnormalities You Need to Know About

, – Sex is an instinctive thing for humans as well as a way for the continuation of offspring. In its function, sexual activity is also carried out as a form or step to provide satisfaction. However, the fact is that this satisfaction is not only practiced in a general and natural way, but there are several behaviors that indicate sexual abnormalities.

Some of the causes vary, ranging from genetic, social and environmental, childhood experiences, violence that has been experienced, or other psychological triggers. Here are some forms of sexual disorders that need to be known.

  1. Fetishism

Is a condition that occurs when a person experiences sexual satisfaction when confronted with a certain object. For example, some people get turned on and can climax in their underwear, socks or stockings . Something that smells of fetishism is not always related to erotic objects. There are even people who get turned on with boots or spoons.

Apart from objects, fetishism also experiences stimulation in certain body parts such as armpits, feet, fingers, or even hair. At its level, sexual stimulation and satisfaction can be done with, or without a partner.

As long as it is not distracting and only served as a trigger for fantasy, fetitism is not considered dangerous. However, it becomes dangerous if it becomes addictive and interfere with achieving orgasm if not done at all.

  1. Exhibitionism

This exhibitionism sexual disorder is a condition in which a person gets sexually stimulated and achieves satisfaction when he shows off his genital area or masturbates in front of one to many people. In essence, a person with this sexual disorder assumes that the person who sees the “attraction” is also getting the same stimulation as what he is experiencing. So that he gets satisfaction when doing “the attraction”.

  1. Pedophilia

Pedophilia is not a sexual preference, but a mental disorder. Pedophiles, people who have pedophilia, have sexual attraction towards prepubertal children. A pedophile feels sexually aroused and has the desire to have sex with young children. Many people with pedophilia seek therapy with a psychiatrist because they feel bad about their sexual fantasies and want to recover from this condition.

Unfortunately, there are also many cases where pedophiles do not just fantasize, but also commit immoral acts against children. According to case studies, what often happens is that pedophiles commit immoral acts to their closest relatives, even their own biological children.

  1. Sadomasochism

Sadomasochism itself is a sexual disorder behavior in which a person feels sexual pleasure and satisfaction when hurting or being hurt. Sadomasochism has levels, some only reach the stage of hitting or biting until it leaves a bruise. However, at an already severe stage it can cause severe injuries caused by sharp tools or objects. This sexual disorder can lead to death because under certain conditions when masochists (who are hurt) and sadistic (who are hurting) will get a climax when they put their life on the line, for example by strangling.

  1. Frotteurism

Frotteurism is the attraction of someone rubbing their genitals against other parts of the body without the victim’s consent. This is usually done in a public place. The majority of people with frotteurism are men and the victims are women.

In this situation, usually the victim cannot do anything because she feels embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do, while the perpetrator can get climax and even ejaculate. Sexual stimulation obtained by people with sexual disorders occurs because of the “excitement” they feel when doing it in a public place, with strangers without even having to look at their faces. Psychological counseling and therapy are needed to cure a person from this sexual disorder. (  5 Characteristics of a Possessive Partner)

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