5 Scientific Reasons Many Couples Choose to Make Out in the Rainy Season

, – Many say that the rainy season is the mating season. This is because cold air is one of the reasons someone wants to find warmth through a husband or wife’s hug. According to several studies, a man’s desire for sexual intercourse increases as the weather gets colder outside.

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Besides, it is perfectly normal for someone to want to have sex in winter. Apart from the cold weather outside, the atmosphere that is built up during the rainy season is usually more romantic when compared to summer. So, many people feel lazy to leave the house just to make out with their partner.

However, there are several scientific reasons for couples to choose to make out in the rainy season rather than the summer.

  • Need warmth

A theory says that in the rainy season, usually someone will feel lazy to leave the house because of the rainy and cold weather. That way, social interactions with other people outside the home environment will be reduced. Not only that, but body movements will usually decrease in the rainy season, making the body feel cooler.

According to Marisa Cohen, Ph.D. of St. Francis College, Brooklyn, someone’s togetherness and a sense of belonging to each other gives a sensation of warmth, so that usually each partner will be encouraged to do activities that can provide warmth. One of them is making out.

  • Increase Quality Sharing Time

When the rainy season arrives, usually someone will prefer to spend time at home doing other activities or just spending time with their partner. If in the summer you and your partner spend more time outside the house, there’s nothing wrong with spending time alone in the rainy season while increasing quality time together and getting to know your partner better.

  • More Enthusiastic in Winter

Research conducted by George State University, found that male testosterone levels do tend to increase in the rainy season or winter. The colder the weather outside, the higher a man’s testosterone levels. The higher the testosterone level, the higher the male libido level.

  • Tends to be Lonely

According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller from The Kinsey Institute, this happens due to feelings of loneliness and depression during the rainy season. As a result of the feeling of loneliness that arises, it is not uncommon for people who have partners to want to socialize and make mood swings to be able to make out, even have sex with a partner.

  • Curiosity towards Couples

Usually during winter or rainy season, someone will prefer to wear multiple layers of clothing to give a warm feeling to himself. But who would have thought, this would make men feel curious about what women are doing. This is what makes the male libido level increase along with the perceived curiosity.

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The romantic atmosphere created by the sound of rain can actually make you and your partner feel at home for long without doing any activity. If you have problems in your relationship, you can ask the doctor through the app . Come on, download the application via the App Store or Google Play right now!