5 Safe Sex Positions While Pregnant

, – Having intercourse during pregnancy is completely harmless and will not hurt the fetus. Provided, the condition of the mother’s pregnancy is normal, aka not experiencing significant pregnancy problems. However, there are still a number of things that need to be considered before you and your partner have sex while pregnant. One of them is the problem of sexual positions, which, if wrong, can make your partner feel uncomfortable. In addition, the wrong sex position can be dangerous.

To avoid unwanted things, you and your partner must know each other’s condition before doing it. One way is to talk about it at the beginning, including the choice of sex positions. So, what are the safe sex positions for pregnant women?

1. Women on Top

In this position, women are on top. You and your partner can try this position, including if you want to have sex in the third trimester of pregnancy. This position tends to be safer and more comfortable because when a woman is on top, the risk of stomach pressure will be smaller. In addition, being on top also makes it easier for women to control the depth of penetration so that it won’t disturb the enlarged abdomen.

2. Side-by-side

In addition to the “woman on top” position, you and your partner can also try side-by-side or side-by-side positions . Intimate relationship with this position aims to keep the woman’s body from being crushed. This position is also said to make women feel more comfortable and relaxed. To adjust your body position to make it more comfortable, you can try using additional pillows to support your body.

3. From Behind

To do this one position, the husband must be behind the wife. In other words, penetration is done from behind, aka from behind. To do this one sex position, you can use additional pillows to support your upper body. Even though the penetration that occurs is not too deep, this one position can actually make a pregnant wife feel comfortable during intercourse.

4. Using the Chair

A feeling of comfort is the most important thing and must be ensured when having intercourse during pregnancy. Now, to get a sense of comfort, you and your partner can use various media to get the best sex positions, including using chairs. Chair sex can be done with the husband sitting on the chair, then the wife sitting on the husband’s lap. To stay safe, make sure the chair you are using is strong enough and in a safe position.

5. Missionary Position

If pregnant women feel more comfortable supine on the mattress, the best choice is the missionary position . However, in doing this position the husband must use his arms and legs as support for his own body. That is, try to keep the husband’s body from pressing too hard on his wife’s stomach while having sex during pregnancy.

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