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5 Rules for Sex that is Safe While Pregnant

, For most women, having sex during pregnancy may be worrying. Actually, having sex during pregnancy is fine as long as the couple or both parties are still comfortable doing this. However, how does it affect the fetus?

Basically, intercourse will not harm the fetus. Because, a lot of natural protection from the mother’s body can help protect the baby, such as amniotic fluid, muscles in the uterus, and thick mucus that covers the cervix. However, having sex during pregnancy still has certain rules. Here are 5 rules for having sex during pregnancy

  1. Healthy Ingredients

The rules for having sex during the first pregnancy are certain that the womb must be healthy. It means that a healthy content is a pregnancy that goes on normally, without any disturbances or disease. This disorder can be in the form of an open cervix, ruptured membranes, infection, and so on.

  1. Do it after the first trimester

Based on the statements of several experts, sperm contains prostaglandin compounds that can cause heartburn. Therefore, pregnant women who are still very young in their womb are not advised to have intercourse first to avoid contractions and miscarriage. In addition, the wife’s condition will often experience nausea and vomiting. If the condition is like this, usually the impulse will also decrease. Then, having sex during the first trimester of pregnancy is also a prone period for the womb because the fetus and placenta are not yet fully formed.

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  1. Have No History of Bleeding

Third, make sure you don’t have a history of bleeding during pregnancy and don’t have placenta previa. This condition is the position of the placenta or placenta that is at the bottom of the uterus, either partially or completely, so that it has the potential to cover the birth canal. In addition, there is a risk of causing bleeding during pregnancy, especially when labor approaches.

So, avoid having sex during pregnancy if you have experienced both of the above. Because in this condition, having sex during pregnancy can increase the risk of bleeding which in turn endangers the mother and the fetus.

  1. Pay attention to the position of the intimate relationship

Entering the second trimester, the belly of pregnant women automatically begins to grow. For that, pay attention to the position during intercourse in order to still feel comfortable. Avoid the supine position as this position can put pressure on the stomach and cause pressure on the blood vessels in the abdominal area. The recommended positions for intercourse during late pregnancy are spoon positions , sitting dog , or woman on top .

5 Safe Positions to Have Sex While Pregnant

  1. Not at 4 Weeks Before Birth

As in the first trimester, intercourse during pregnancy should be avoided in the last four weeks before birth. Having sex at this gestational age has the potential to cause premature labor.

Those are the five rules of having sex during pregnancy that should be your consideration so that the condition of the mother and baby in the womb continues to be safe and healthy.

It’s also worth knowing that pregnancy can affect a woman’s sex drive in different ways, you know. Increased hormones and blood flow to the genitals can increase the desire for some women to have sex, especially in the second trimester. Other women may experience decreased sex drive due to hormonal fluctuations, feeling less comfortable with their bodies, fatigue, or physical pain.

So, it’s okay if you don’t want to have sex during pregnancy. There are still other ways besides sex to maintain intimacy with a partner. The important thing is to talk about the condition and feelings of the mother to her husband openly and in a fun way.

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If you want to have sex during pregnancy, it is also a good idea to discuss this with your doctor, which you can now do online through the application. Via Video / Voice Call and Chat , you can talk to a doctor anytime and anywhere. Come on, download the application now on Google Play and the App Store on your smartphone !

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