5 Reasons Why the Elderly Should Stay Intimate

– Who says sex is only for productive age? In fact, people who are over 60 years old or who are often called seniors still need to have sex, you know . In fact, sex is one of the activities that the elderly still do to keep the relationship from being boring and harmonious. Although, of course, the rhythm of intercourse for the elderly and young people is not the same.

The results of a survey conducted by Michigan University proved that as many as 40 percent of elderly people living in the United States still have regular intercourse. Several respondents also admitted that having sex at an older age is still important to maintain the quality of the relationships they have.

The Importance of Intimate Relationships for the Elderly

Then, why is sex still important for the elderly? Here are some medical reasons:

  1. Age Does Not Become a Barrier to Having Intimate Relationships

Rachel Needle, a psychiatrist from the Center for Marital and Sexual Health, says that the older a person is, the more intimate relationships that can become more passionate. This shows that age is not a barrier for couples to have sex. In fact, studies also show that the intimate relationships carried out by the elderly are of higher quality than couples who are still of productive age.

  1. Women Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Pregnancy

Older women tend to be afraid to get pregnant again when having sex. It is not surprising, because pregnancy at the age of 40 years does have a high risk, both for the mother and the fetus. Not to mention the fear of menopause or no longer experiencing fertility. However, this does not need to be a barrier, because precisely with menopause, elderly women can continue to have sex without fear of getting pregnant.

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  1. Reducing the Risk of Various Dangerous Diseases

In fact, having sex for the elderly has various health benefits. A study has shown that continuing to have sexual intercourse will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in the elderly. In addition, the stress levels of the elderly who are still having sexual intercourse are lower than that of couples who do not.

  1. Make Sleep Better

When you reach climax, your body will release the hormone oxytocin, which functions to cause relaxation and drowsiness. This condition makes the couple get better sleep after having sex. Getting a good night’s sleep will make your blood pressure and body weight more stable, as well as reduce anxiety and depression.

  1. Self-Confidence Increases

In fact, the elderly who no longer have intimate relations with their partner admit that they are no longer confident. In fact, precisely by having sexual intercourse, self-confidence will increase. At least this is what the research conducted by the University of Texas said. Also a British sex expert, Gina Ogden, Ph.D, said that not only begins with attraction and love, a higher quality intimate relationship also requires self-confidence.

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Those are some reasons why the elderly still have to have intimate relationships even though they are no longer young. However, don’t forget to keep your stamina and endurance by eating nutritious foods and taking vitamins. To make it easier to buy, you can use the application . Pharmacy Delivery Service will help deliver the ordered vitamins in just one hour. So, immediately download the application on your cellphone, OK!