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5 Reasons Why Sperm Donors Are Trending Abroad

, – The problem of heredity continues to be a scourge to haunt many married couples. But now, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technological advances, solutions to overcome these problems have finally been found. Couples who find it difficult to get a baby now don’t need to be sad anymore because there are several ways that can be taken to get offspring. One of them is by using a sperm donor. Abroad, sperm donation is a popular way to have children. What are the reasons why sperm donors are so popular overseas? Come on, see the explanation here.

Even though sperm donation is still prohibited in Indonesia, in fact many countries have allowed this procedure. These countries include the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, England, New Zealand, China and France. In these countries, you can get sperm that have been clinically tested from donors whose identities are anonymous. Sperm donation is a preferred solution abroad because it allows couples and individuals to have children. Here are the reasons sperm donation is a trend out there:

1. Helping Couples Who Have Fertility Problems

Not a few married couples who want to have a child, but don’t get it because they have fertility problems . Well, sperm donation can be one way you can try to have children.

2. Allows Same-Sex Couples to Have Children

Not only married couples who feel helped by this one procedure, sperm donation is also a ray of hope for lesbian and gay couples who want to have children. Because basically, sperm donation is the giving of sperm cells to a woman, which is not done by having sex , but through an artificial insemination process. Thus, this method makes it possible for lesbian or gay couples to have children.

3. Allows someone to have children without a partner

Apart from partners, there are also people who for various reasons want to have children even though they do not have a partner. Well, this sperm donor is a way that can be taken for groups of people who do not have a partner, but want to have children.

4. Want to have children with certain characteristics

In the last seven years, the demand for sperm donors in Brazil has increased every year. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the reason for the surge in demand is that Brazilians want white ancestry. The WSJ reports that affluent Brazilian women want to get sperm from donors from the United States because they want their children to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Thus, sperm donation is a way that can be taken if you want to have children with certain characteristics.

5. Solutions for Couples with Gene Incompatibility

Before marriage, couples are advised to do a premarital check-up to check the compatibility of one blood type with another. The reason is, the blood types of men and women who do not match can affect the development of the baby during pregnancy or maybe the child will be born with health problems in the future. Well, a couple who turns out to have an unsuitable blood type can try to have children by means of a sperm donor.

Those are 5 reasons why sperm donation is trending abroad. If you want to know more about sperm donation, just ask the experts directly through the application . You can contact a doctor to discuss health issues via Video / Voice Call and Chat anytime and anywhere. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play.

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