5 Questions About Intimate Relationships that Millennials Usually Ask and Their Answers

– Whether you realize it or not, articles that discuss intimate relationships are one of the most read articles because many questions about intimate relationships will be answered there. In fact, this kind of topic is also searched through search engines like Google. This is natural because the quality of the intimate relationship that a married couple engages in is the key to domestic harmony. So each party will definitely do the best things for their partner to achieve that satisfaction.

Most people also feel embarrassed when they ask other people about this intimate relationship. Therefore, the internet is the choice for obtaining information on this topic. So, for that, here are some questions about intimate relationships quoted from Bustle that you need to know so that the husband and wife relationship is always harmonious:

Question: Will intercourse affect the menstrual cycle?

Answer: The first time you have sex, you will feel happy, which is sometimes associated with hormonal changes. But in fact, the things that disturb your menstrual cycle are stress and depression.

Question : When I had an orgasm, my legs were stretched and my hamstrings became very tight, and the next day my legs hurt a lot – like I had done some strenuous exercise. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Should I try a different position?

Answer : It is a very common orgasm. Do you feel hydrated enough? If not, try to remember that intercourse is a physical activity as much as a sport.

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Question: How can you enjoy intimate relationships even though it is quite painful?

Answer: There are many reasons why intercourse can be painful, when you feel that you are lacking natural lubrication, there is nothing wrong with using additional lubrication. In addition, you also need to see a doctor and physiotherapist to check the pelvic floor if it still hurts.

Question: What to do if a partner has a lower libido?

Answer: Inevitably, every partner will face the challenge of libido mismatch at some point in time. The most important thing you can do is talk about it. If you want sex more often than your partner, chances are you underestimate how often they want it and they tend to overestimate how often you want to do it.

Try doing this before starting the conversation, you and your partner each take a blank sheet of paper. At the top, you can write down how often you want to have sex, whether it’s once a week, twice a week, or once a month, write down your wishes. Don’t peek at your partner’s paper! At the bottom of the paper, also write down how often you think your partner wants to have sex. Exchange your papers. Please laugh and discuss afterwards.

Question: My partner seems to be more in the mood at night, but I am more in the mood in the morning. Why does that happen and is there anything we can do to get in the same mood ?

Answer : You won’t always want to be intimate at the same time as your partner, so the best option is to compromise. Remember that you won’t always be in the mood for sex – often, you have to get in the right mood and not want things to be spontaneous. If your partner really wants to do this, ask him to turn you on. In addition, you can teach your partner how to arouse your passion, so that you finally want to have sex right away.

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