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5 Most Practical Ways to Tighten Your Arm

, – The arm is one of the sexiest parts for both women and men. For women, tight sleeves that are not saggy will give you the confidence to wear sleeveless or tight-fitting clothes. Some surveys also say that a man’s arms are tight and sexy, one of the sexiest parts of a man’s body according to women.

In order to get the ideal arm shape, it’s a good idea to read how to tighten your arms below. There are several exercises or types of practical exercise that are effective in toning your arms.

  1. Push Up

Exercise push-ups are targeting the formation of the upper body, but also can provide a dramatic effect for the arms and shoulders if you do it regularly. Do it 2-3 times a week for 5-7 minutes for effective and constant results. You can do variations for your push-ups by forming a diamond with your two fingers then doing push-ups as usual.

This exercise will put emphasis on the inner arm muscles so they shape and tone them. It’s just that to get maximum results, pile your weight on your arms, not on your feet.

  1. Plank

Plank is an exercise that does not use tools but body weight and makes it a burden to train the body muscles. In addition to forming your posture, planks can also be an effective way to tighten your arms.

There are several plank combinations that you can try for an overall toned arm. Starting from a straight plank where you straighten your arms while doing the plank . This type of plank will tighten the front muscles as well as the shoulders. Meanwhile, the side plank ( sideways plank position ) will tighten the muscles in the arm.

  1. Arm Circle

Another practical way to tighten your arms is to do an arm circle . You just need to stand with your legs open shoulder to shoulder then align your hands with your shoulders then rotate 360 degrees and do it for 3-5 minutes. For maximum results, you can add weight by holding 3 kilograms of dumbbells on either side of your hand.

You can do a combination movement, for example by sitting and holding your feet not touching the floor while moving your arms 360 degrees. The more variations you do while training your arms, the more energy you expend to form your arm muscles.

  1. Dumbbell Exercise

One of the most practical ways to tone your arms is to practice using dumbbells, which are varied. Can be moved back and forth to the chest or lifted away from the head, to train the inner arms can be done by lifting and lowering the dumbbell behind the head. Repeat 2-3 times for 3 minutes for maximum results.

  1. Triceps Dips

You need a chair to do this exercise. The trick is to stand with your back to the chair and place your hands on the chair seat and then move up and down by placing your weight on your arms. When doing this up and down motion, make sure that your buttocks and back are in a 90 degree position. Repeat 2-3 minutes in each repetition. (  3 Foods That Can Be Consumed After Exercise)

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