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5 Important Things to Do when a Husband is Pregnant

, – Nature who undergo pregnancy is women. However, this does not mean that husbands cannot do anything when their wives are pregnant. In fact, the role of the husband when the wife is pregnant is very important and necessary so that the wife can carry out her pregnancy properly. For husbands, let’s find out what things can be done when the wife is pregnant here.

When pregnant, women will experience many changes in themselves, both physically and psychologically. Physically, pregnancy makes the mother’s weight increase, the stomach enlarges and several other parts of the body also swell. This condition often makes mothers feel uncomfortable, even tired. In addition, hormonal changes that occur in the body can also make the mother’s mood change drastically and become more sensitive. There are times when pregnant women can feel very sad because they are worried about the condition of the fetus in their womb. Now, at times like that, the husband is expected to be able to help his wife overcome or reduce a number of complaints that arise during pregnancy. Come on, support your beloved wife in the following ways:

1. Always accompany your wife during pregnancy checks

As much as possible, try to accompany your wife every time you do a womb examination. Besides being able to make the mother feel more comfortable, the presence of the father who is always there for the mother can also be a form of love and concern for the father for the mother and the future beloved baby. So, mom would be very happy and appreciate if dad could accompany her at every examination. The happiness felt by this mother can also be conveyed to the fetus, you know. Your little one can also feel loved by his father.

In addition, the goal that is no less important when accompanying a wife during pregnancy checks is so that the father can know the development of the fetus in the mother’s stomach and if there are problems that occur during pregnancy.

2. Appreciate and Love Changes in His Body

Not all pregnant women can accept changes in body shape during pregnancy. Especially for young pregnant wives whose bodies change immediately. The wife may also become insecure, stressed seeing her body gain weight, swelling in several parts of her body, and even cellulite appearing in the stomach area. Now, if the father also thinks that the body shape of the wife who is currently pregnant is less sexy, please don’t say that in front of the wife. This can make him even sadder and more stressed, which in turn can affect the condition of the fetus. This is also the role of the husband when the wife is pregnant.

So, the father is expected to keep encouraging his wife by praising her and saying positive things about her body shape. Also tell the wife not to stress, because sufficient weight gain is very important for the growth and development of the fetus in the womb.

3. Help Wife Doing Household

A pregnant wife often feels tired due to the morning sickness she is experiencing or because of the weight gain and the fetus she has to bear. Well, husbands must be sensitive to this and are expected to take the initiative to help their wives do household chores so that they don’t get tired.

4. Come in Choosing Baby Equipment

Don’t be lazy to accompany your pregnant wife when shopping for baby supplies . Father can help give an opinion about the model or color when the wife chooses clothes for your little one.

5. Be Understanding in Sex Matters

Most women who are pregnant are reluctant to have sex because they feel insecure about their body shape. If your wife is one of them, make sure that she still looks sexy and attractive. However, fathers should also understand that during pregnancy, the wife may experience erratic mood swings that make it impossible for her to have sex.

So, those are some things you can do to support mothers who are pregnant. When a pregnant wife is sick, dad can also help her by using an application . Dad can contact the doctor via Video / Voice Call and Chat and ask for health advice anytime and anywhere. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play.

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