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5 Foods That Make Depression Worse

Not a few people who eat more when they feel depressed. But not many really choose healthy foods to deal with their uncertain feelings. Instead of a large bowl of low-calorie grilled fish and salad, a plate of nachos and pizza is a great way to deflect feelings of stress.

But do you know that choosing the wrong type of food can actually make you feel more depressed? According to Keri Glassman, RD founder of NutritousLife “When stressed or feeling depressed, certain foods can actually upset your mood.” This means that the feeling of pressure you feel can actually turn into depression and get worse.

1. Cookies
The sweet taste of this snack can indeed increase blood sugar levels and of course make the mood “somewhat” better. However, it is only for a while because when the sugar level drops, the mood will also feel more depressed. In a study it was found that a woman who ate sugary foods when she felt stressed had an increase in sugar levels. Then he risks feeling depressed. Conversely, if you choose foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables it will reduce the risk of depression.

2. Energy Drink
Apart from hot tea or coffee and fruit juices, many also choose energy drinks to drink in the morning. But unfortunately, even a small amount of caffeine can actually contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression, says Rebecca Lee, founder of RemediesForMe.

Even the combination of sugar and caffeine is also highly discouraged for those of you who are feeling depressed, you know. This is because these two substances mess with blood sugar levels, according to Glassman, which causes the brain to stress and causes you to feel more stressed.

3. Alcohol
Indeed, consuming wine gives you a feeling of relaxation. But it actually makes your mood feel more depressed later. According to Rebecca Lee, “Alcohol is central to the stress system. And this is what controls thoughts and emotions. ” When drinking alcohol, it is true that this feeling of depression is reduced but in fact it is just slowing down and becoming a build-up making it worse.

In addition, drinking excess alcohol can also lead to impulsivity, which makes it easier for you to make incorrect decisions. For example, having a fight with someone or even making unwanted calls on the phone.

4. Asparteme
It is commonly found in diet sodas, gelatin and even in some breakfast cereals. According to a study at the University of Northwestern Ohio, scientists found that aspartame worsened depression symptoms for people with a previous history of depression.

5. Soybean Oil
This is a type of saturated fat which is found in many packaged foods. According to a study by PLOS ONE, it was found that jenus oil is a cause of inflammation. Foods that contain this, 48 percent increase the risk of depression and 30 percent cause inflammation in the brain.

So, so that you feel depressed and your mood doesn’t get worse, you should avoid these five types of food when you are stressed. Choose foods low in fat and high in fiber, yes. If you need sugar to increase sugar levels, you should choose foods from natural sugars such as fruit or salads.