5 Changes to a Woman's Body After the First Night

, – For newly married couples, the first night is a “ritual” that may be waiting for. Generally, this time will be filled by the newlyweds by having intimate relationships. After sexual activity, it turns out that there are changes that occur in the body, both in women and men. In this article, we will discuss the changes that occur in a woman’s body after the first night.

The first night is synonymous with sexual activity with a partner. Shortly after sexual intercourse, the body will experience changes in response to the activity that has just been done. Maybe you will find some things that are different and unusual, but don’t worry too much. In order not to feel excessively anxious, it is imperative to know what changes the body is experiencing after going through the first night.

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Recognizing the Natural Changes of the Body after the First Night

Biologically, there will be a number of changes that occur as a sign that the body is sexually active. Knowing what changes have occurred can help you deal with the anxiety and tension that first night. Here are some of the changes that will occur in the body:

1. Miss V elasticity

The part of the body that will definitely undergo changes is the female organs, aka Miss V. After being sexually active, the elasticity of Miss V will change and adapt to new activities. In fact, there is a chance that the area will feel slightly swollen or thickened. But don’t worry, it’s normal and Miss V will get better over time.

2. Breast Changes

Apart from Miss V, changes will also occur in women’s breasts. After passing the first night, the breasts experience changes due to the impact of blood vessels and breast tissue. In this case, the breast tissue and blood vessels also widen. This then causes the breasts to feel bigger than their usual size. In addition, the breasts may also feel tight during intercourse.

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3. Breast nipple sensitivity

The nipples will also become more sensitive during intercourse. It is also the body’s reaction, including due to increased blood flow and muscle pressure to the body parts. When a woman is excited, the nipples become harder, and they feel more sensitive, especially when they reach orgasm.

4. Active clitoris and uterus

The clitoris and uterus become active after sexual intercourse. The clitoris will thicken and the uterus will rise slightly. But after some time, all will return to their normal positions. The occurrence of thickening and contraction will affect the ability of vagina to adapt to sexual activity.

5. Happy Hormones

After passing the first night, the body will be flooded with a happy hormone called serotonin. Not only that, a woman’s body will also produce a lot of the hormone oxytocin when she reaches orgasm. In fact, these hormones can help the body feel more relaxed and happy. The body will also produce the “love hormone”, namely the oxytocin hormone. Have you ever heard of the assumption that women often look brighter and more beautiful after sex? Maybe it happened because of the influence of the happy hormone.

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