5 Causes of Tearing of the Hymen Apart from Intimate Relationships

The hymen is one of the things that is often associated with a woman’s virginity. Until now, the hymen has become a measure of a person’s virginity. In fact, every woman will have a different hymen condition. There are several causes of tearing of the hymen, even though the woman has never had intercourse. Here’s the cause of the tearing of the hymen!

How Much Bleeding Due to the Hymen?

Not Intimate, This Is The Cause Of The Tearing Of The Hymen

Tearing of the hymen is often not recognized by women, because it does not cause pain or bleeding. In fact, the hymen can be torn without sexual intercourse, you know . Here are some causes of tearing of the hymen:

1. Injuries suffered

An injury or accident that causes a woman’s sex organs to hit can cause the hymen to tear. This condition is usually characterized by blood spots after impact or injury to the sex organs.

2. Cycling or Horse Riding Activities

Activities that are carried out repeatedly that make the intimate organs rub off can make the hymen tear, you know . The activity in question is cycling or horse riding.

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3. Use of Tampons during Menstruation

A tampon is a device used to collect menstrual blood, which is inserted into the vagina. Although it is quite safe, using tampons can tear the hymen if used too deep.

4. Use of Medical Devices on the Vagina

Performing a medical examination by inserting a device into the vagina can tear the hymen, even though the instrument used is very small. In addition to medical devices, the use of sexual aids when you have never had intercourse can be the cause of the tearing of the hymen.

5. Too Strong Stretching Exercises

When a woman stretches too hard, it is one of the causes of tearing of the hymen. Tearing or not depending on the hymen of each woman, some are very thin and easily torn, some are thick and difficult to tear.

If you have experienced one of them, it never hurts to check at the nearest hospital to make sure whether the hymen has been torn or not. Given that in Indonesia, the hymen is still the benchmark for a woman who has or has never had sexual intercourse.

Is it true that blood spots are a sign of virginity?

Virginity and the Hymen, What’s the Relationship?

The hymen is a thin layer of skin, which stretches inside the vagina. This thin layer covers part or all of the vaginal opening, and is the outermost part of the vaginal structure. The hymen can change shape due to childbirth or frequent intercourse. The hymen is often associated with a person’s virginity. Why?

The two are linked because almost everyone assumes that a woman who has an intact hymen and has not been torn is a woman who has never had sexual relations. In fact, the cause of a torn hymen is not only due to having had sexual intercourse, but due to a number of factors mentioned above.

Even in some women, they have a hymen that is very thin, so it is very prone to tearing. So in essence, the problem of virginity and hymen has nothing to do as people say. You can ask this more clearly with the doctor in the application .

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