5 Aromatherapy Scent That Can Increase Sexual Desire

, – A perfume ad showing a man wearing a certain type of perfume can attract many women to approach him. You might think it lebay. But in fact, fragrances can indeed have a positive effect on your mood, attract the opposite sex, and even increase your passion for sex.

Of the thousands of types of fragrances that exist, only a few of them are believed to increase sexual arousal, both for men and women. These fragrances can directly effect sexual attraction and stimulate the pheromone nervous system, which is a chemical in the body that functions to stimulate and release sexual attraction for both women and men.

According to taste and smell expert from Chicago, Alan R. Hirsch, MD, revealed that 84 percent of men agree that perfume is very influential on their sexuality in bed. Meanwhile, fragrances like aromatherapy can stimulate a woman’s sense of smell and release sex hormones in the brain, making her feel more excited. Curious? Here are 5 types of fragrances that can increase sexual arousal:

  1. Cinnamon or Cinnamon

For those of you who frequently visit cake shops, you must be familiar with the aroma of cinnamon or cinnamon. This type of scent can increase male sexual arousal by speeding up blood circulation to Mr. P. Research also shows that many men unconsciously fall asleep with women who smell like cinnamon. 95 percent of men like to kiss a woman who is cooking, especially when using spices that can arouse her passion. You can serve Si Dia hot tea or coffee with a sprinkling of cinnamon powder so that she feels relaxed and excited.

  1. Scent of Roses

This type of fragrance is suitable for women. Herbalist practitioner Gabriella Clarke notes that the fragrant scent of roses has a calming effect and is the perfect symbol of femininity. For most women who experience frequent sexual problems, rose essential oil is said to provide balance and harmony to the body, help relieve anxiety and stress, and promote low sex drive.

  1. Vanilla

Not only fragrant, but the aroma of vanilla can actually give the impression of being warm and comfortable for those who smell it. According to Zoya Amirin, an expert sexual psychologist, vanilla is a type of fragrance that can stimulate a person’s pheromone hormone levels. Use body lotion , perfume, bath soap, or put aromatherapy in the room to have a vanilla scent. The He is also guaranteed to stick and feel excited when with you.

  1. Kenanga or Ylang-ylang

The scent of ylang-ylang or cananga has aphrodisiac compounds that can increase sexual energy and arousal. Smelling the delicate fragrance of this flower is believed to bring you into a romantic mood and increase the attraction between couples. It’s no wonder that cananga flowers often complement traditional bridal looks, because their scent has an erotic purpose!

  1. Musk

Musk is a fragrant secretion produced from the stomach glands of musk deer , which is often used as a base for fragrances. According to research conducted in Chicago, most women will be seduced by the scent of musk . The soft scent is also able to tempt the couple to do their duty on the bed.

So, don’t forget to put aromatherapy oils with the types of fragrances above to make the atmosphere intimate, romantic, and passionate ( Read also : Couples Losing Sexual Passion, What’s the Solution? ). Have a problem around your sexual life? Just ask the doctor directly via Video / Voice Call and Chat via the application . Come on, download the application now on the App Store and Google Play.