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4 Ways to Prevent Gonorrhea Transmission

– You should not underestimate all health problems related to reproductive organs. The reason is, the transmission of diseases that attack vital organs occurs quickly and without being marked by any symptoms. No exception to gonorrhea , a sexually transmitted disease that occurs due to gonococcal bacteria or Neisseria gonorrhoeae . The appearance of these bacteria is usually in the vaginal fluid or Mr. P who has been infected.

Not only affects the cervix, urethra, and rectum, this bacterial infection can be found in the throat and eyes. Gonorrhea transmission most often occurs due to anal or oral intercourse, or use of contaminated sex toys . Infection can even occur in babies if the mother has also contracted this disease. Especially in infants, infections often occur in the eye which can cause permanent blindness.

In fact, men and women who experience the infection claim not to feel any symptoms, so the transmission of this health disorder occurs without realizing it. However, the appearance of symptoms can be more easily recognized in men than in women. This is because the symptoms that appear in women tend not to be clear, making it difficult to detect them.

Simply put, if you feel pain when urinating accompanied by a thick discharge similar to green or yellow pus from the genitals, it could be that you are indicated by gonorrhea. However, you should check your health condition with your doctor to be sure, because the symptoms of this disease are similar to urinary tract infections or vaginal infections.

How to Prevent Gonorrhea Transmission?

Because gonorrhea transmission occurs quickly and without realizing it, it’s good for you to know exactly how to prevent the transmission of this sexually transmitted disease to yourself. What are the precautions? Here are some of them:

  • Communication is Key

Don’t hesitate to communicate everything related to your health condition, especially when it comes to intimate organ problems. You need to know the sexual health history of the partner, the number of partners, or the type of protection used.

  • Avoid Changing Partners

Gonorrhea transmission is easier if you frequently change partners during sex . As much as possible, you do not have casual sex which risks transmitting these health problems.

  • Safety is also important

Safety is no less important if you want to prevent yourself from contracting gonorrhea. Not only that, condoms also reduce the risk of transmitting other sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV or chlamydia. If you frequently change partners, use of condoms is necessary during sexual intercourse.

  • Gargling After Oral Sex

The results of a study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Disease reveal that gargling can help reduce the risk of developing gonorrhea. This is of course very helpful if you like oral sex. The alcohol content in active oral cleansers kills the bacteria that cause gonorrhea in the mouth and throat.

Knowing early preventive measures is the right step to reduce the risk of gonorrhea transmission. You can also ask about other diseases directly from the specialist through the application . Download the application on your cellphone and enjoy the various features in it, ranging from Asking a Doctor, Buying Medicines, Lab Checks, and the latest health articles every day.

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