4 Ways to Explain to Teenagers About the Dangers of Free Sex

, – Sexuality is sometimes something that is avoided when talking to children. In fact, sexual education in children can be done to explain the dangers of free sex in adolescents. Free sex can actually increase the risk of various health problems, such as infection with infectious diseases.

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Behind the importance of providing sexual education to adolescents, sometimes parents are confused about where to start when introducing sexual education to children. It is better to identify appropriate ways to identify sexual education and explain the dangers of casual sex to adolescents as early as possible. That way, teenagers can have a good knowledge of sex.

Here’s How You Can Do to Explain the Dangers of Free Sex to Teens

The role of parents is of course very important to introduce sexual education and the dangers of free sex to adolescents. Although this conversation can sometimes cause awkward or confused reactions in both the teenager and the parent, it’s best not to avoid this conversation. Here are ways you can explain about sexual education and the dangers of free sex in adolescents:

1. Don’t Go Around Explaining Information

It is best to avoid whirling and unclear sentences or words when explaining sexual education in children. Use straightforward and firm sentences so that the child better understands and understands what the parents explain. Let the children ask whatever they want to understand about sexual education and the mother can find the answers together.

2. Find the Right Time

If the mother is in doubt about the right time to discuss the dangers of free sex to children , you should find the right time to discuss this issue. For example, when teens are watching television programs related to the dangers of casual sex, invite the children to start a discussion about this condition. That way, mothers will not feel awkward or confused to open discussions with children.

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3. Do not be limited to only intimate relationships

When mothers discuss sexual education in children, it should not be limited to intimate intercourse activities. Mother can introduce you more about the body parts and their quite important functions, such as the breasts, Miss V, and also Mr. Q. Make sure the youth know that the area should not be touched by others.

4. Explain the Risks That Can Be Experienced When Having Free Sex

Introducing sexual education to children, meaning that the mother will also explain sexual activities. Convey in a language the child understands about the types of sexual activity. Make sure the child gets the information that this activity can be done when the child is married and cannot change partners.

Mothers can convey the risks that can be experienced by children when having free sex, one of which is sexually transmitted diseases . Discuss with children about sexual health and also responsible relationships. That way, children can avoid free sex.

What parents need to remember in raising this issue is to be calm. Invite the children to have casual discussions so that they also don’t feel pressured or disturbed by the conversations that the mother and child are having.

If children talk about personal experiences, it is best to avoid overreacting to them. Let the child tell the story and find out how the child feels. After the child has finished telling stories, the mother can provide better views about the experiences that the child has gone through.

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