Diabetes Sex

4 Ways to Establish Intimate Relationships for Diabetes

HaloDoc ,. Having diabetes is not the end of everything, the key in order to continue living like a healthy person is to maintain a diet and do regular physical exercise.

Generally, people with diabetes are worried about what they eat. But apart from food, a concern for people with diabetes is about sex. It should be noted that people with diabetes mellitus are prone to sexual dysfunction.

Even so, it does not mean that people with diabetes cannot have intimate relationships. There are 4 things that people with diabetes need to pay attention to so that they can always be healthy to have sex with their partner.

1. People with diabetes usually have a habit of getting tired and drowsy with a high appetite. For that, it is very important to do light exercise regularly so that the performance of the organs in the body does not decrease. Have physical activity regularly every day to control blood sugar levels such as jogging, swimming, exercising, walking and running.

2. Doing sexual activity is also a physical activity that burns calories. If you are taking insulin, talk to your doctor about which insulin dose is right for you. Check blood sugar levels before and after intercourse to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels drop dramatically).

3. Do a healthy diet by reducing fatty foods and contain artificial sugar. It is better to prepare snacks or drinks with natural sweeteners that are healthy and do not contain artificial sweeteners before sexual intercourse.

4. Avoid stress and discuss health problems with your partner. Understanding each other’s shortcomings will make your mind and heart more relaxed in your relationship.

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