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4 Types of Male Contraceptives

, – Contraception is a device or method used to prevent pregnancy during sex. For men, contraceptives are used to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases to themselves or their partners. Using contraception can also be done by people who want to delay having a child. Please note, not only women, contraceptives are also intended for men. Here is the sundries about male contraceptives.

Get to know male contraceptives

  • Condom

Condoms are one of the most widely used male contraceptives. Besides being practical, condoms are priced cheaply, which can be found in many places. Using this contraceptive can indeed reduce the sensation during sexual intercourse, so many do not like to use it for this reason.

Condoms are also made one size, so many men feel they are not the right size. Even though they are claimed to be contraceptives, condoms are not completely effective in preventing pregnancy. However, the risk of pregnancy will be smaller when using a condom. Not only preventing pregnancy, condoms can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Contraceptive Drugs

Contraceptive drugs are not only used for women, this drug is also intended for men by inhibiting the speed of sperm to the egg, making it less likely that women will experience pregnancy after intercourse. This contraceptive drug is still priced quite expensive, and must be consumed in a timely manner. If this is violated, the drug will not work, so that pregnancy can occur.

How to Use Correct Contraceptives

  • Pull out

The term pull out refers to the condition of sexual intercourse that stops momentarily when a man ejaculates. Usually, men will throw sperm outside the vagina to prevent pregnancy. This is often done to men who do not like to use condoms. This one method is effective in preventing pregnancy, but allows for contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Vasectomy

Vasectomy is the surgical process of cutting the vas deferens, which is a small tube-shaped tube inside the scrotum. This channel is what carries sperm from the testicles to the penis. This one method is better known as sterilization. Vasectomy aims to prevent fertilization and pregnancy, because the sperm passage is blocked.

Vasectomy is a method that can be used when a person does not want to have children, because of its permanent nature. However, a vasectomy does not affect a man’s ability to ejaculate and orgasm. After performing the surgical procedure, swelling, discomfort, and bleeding will appear.

If after the vasectomy procedure, the bleeding and swelling do not go away after doing self-medication at home with cold compresses, please immediately make an appointment with the doctor at the nearest hospital via the application to get further treatment.

Use of contraceptives increases the risk of menorrhagia symptoms

In the past, contraception was only done by not having sexual intercourse when a woman was entering her fertile period. In order for this method to work, usually women already know their ovulation period. This method is a traditional method that has a low success rate, because women will have a different fertile period every month. For that, consider carefully before you choose the contraceptive device you want to use.