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4 This Should Be Considered Before Marriage

, – Getting married is a big plan for couples who have been in a long relationship. But keep in mind, getting married is not an easy thing. There are many things to consider before finally deciding to spend the rest of your life with one person. In order to avoid a toxic marriage , there are several things that are important to consider before taking a serious step.

Living a married life is a difficult and easy thing to do. But don’t worry, as long as you and your partner have goals and plans that can be in harmony with your partner, getting married can actually be a fun new adventure. Therefore, it is important to know and consider some of these things before getting married!

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Before Marriage, Ask This To Your Partner

Getting to know each other is an important thing to do for couples who are getting married. But beforehand, make sure you already know yourself and know what you want from a marriage. Ask your partner to do the same, then talk about it all together to find out how far you and He can accept each other.

In living a married life, supporting each other is important so that the relationship lasts. Before deciding to get married, try asking and considering some of these things with your partner!

1. After Marriage, What?

It is very important to make things clear before marriage, especially the purpose and what is expected of a marriage. This discussion includes how to plan ahead, live with parents or not before marriage, to other household matters. Asking this question can also give you an idea of what your partner’s personality is like and how household life will be lived.

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2. Can I Work?

If you had a permanent job before marriage , then be sure to ask your partner about this. For both men and women, it is very important to know whether the partner can accept the type of work that is being undertaken, whether this job can be maintained, and so on. That way, it means that you and your partner have agreed to accept the consequences of each other’s work, so that in the future there is no need for unnecessary arguments in the household.

3. Division of Household Tasks

Imagine if you have to live a life full of “drama” every time you arrive home. The cause is none other than a partner who is reluctant to help or complete household chores. This can lead to arguments and, in turn, have the potential to turn married life into toxicity. To avoid this, talk from the start about the division of household duties as an important consideration before marriage.

4. Privacy Restrictions

The foundation of married life is mutual trust and openness. However, that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to live without any privacy or personal space restrictions. This is important to discuss from the beginning with your partner. Privacy does not mean secret, this concept means that you and your partner may have the desire not to be disturbed at certain times. Before getting married, ask Si He’s views on privacy and find the best way to find a mutual agreement.

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