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4 Things to Do Before the KB injection

, – Birth control injection is one type of contraception that many women rely on. This type of birth control is done by injecting or injecting it into the upper arm or buttocks every 3 months. The purpose of giving birth control injections is to protect women from unwanted pregnancies.

Basically, injectable contraceptives, aka injection contraceptives, are a form of progesterone, a hormone that is naturally produced in a woman’s ovaries. The hormones in this contraceptive injection work by preventing ovulation. When a woman does not ovulate, she has almost no chance of becoming pregnant because there is no fertilized egg.

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So far, birth control injections have become a very powerful way to prevent pregnancy. You can get this injection at a doctor’s or midwife’s office. To be more effective, be sure to get regular birth control injections every 3 months once. That way, unwanted pregnancies can be prevented or postponed.

Things to pay attention to before injection of family planning

Apart from birth control injections, there are also types of contraception that are used by consumption, namely birth control pills. Before choosing the type of birth control to use, there are a number of things that need to be considered, including if you want to use injectable birth control. What are the things that need attention?

1. Find Complete Information

Find out as much information as possible before deciding to do birth control injections. Information needed is not only related to the type of contraception, but advantages and disadvantages, level of effectiveness, possible side effects, and body condition .

This is because the health condition of the body is related to the effectiveness of the type of contraception used. Apart from health conditions, how well contraceptives work also depends on lifestyle and history of consumption of certain drugs.

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2. Discuss with your doctor

Before deciding to use injectable birth control, try to consult your doctor first. This is important to determine whether the type of contraception chosen is suitable or not with the body’s condition. That way, the risk of side effects from using contraception can be avoided.

If in doubt, you can try to conduct discussions and checkups with several doctors. Questions and answers with doctors are also related to bone density checks. The reason is, the problem with bone density is something that must be watched out for when someone gets routine birth control injections.

3. Quit Smoking

If you previously actively smoked, then you should stop the habit before deciding to get injectable birth control. As is well known, bone density is one thing that needs to be considered before getting a birth control injection, and smoking habits can actually affect bone density and trigger overall health problems.

4. Consider Side Effects

Before deciding to get a birth control injection, it’s good to first consider the side effects that can arise. Injection-type contraceptives are said to affect changes in the menstrual cycle, causing messy menstrual schedules or even no menstruation at all. In addition, birth control injections are also often said to cause weight gain , trigger dizziness, and pain in the breasts.

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You can also use the app to talk to a doctor before deciding to have a birth control injection. Doctors can be contacted via Video / Voice Call and Chat . Get information about health and tips for healthy living from trusted doctors. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play!