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4 Things That Pregnant Women Must Do After Having Intimate Relationships

, – Even though she is pregnant, the mother can still have sex with her husband. Intimate relationship during pregnancy with a partner is even more fun and can provide many benefits for the mother. However, don’t forget to always maintain the cleanliness and health of the intimate organs after making love. This is important to prevent the emergence of various health problems of intimate organs that can also affect the future beloved baby. So, do the following things after having sex during pregnancy.

1. Urinating

Pregnant women are advised to urinate after sex. Why? Because during sex, bacteria that come from the rectum can stick to the end of the urethra and cause infection of the sex organs. Now, by urinating, these bacteria can be eliminated. Urination after sex should not be underestimated, because the danger of urinary tract infection (UTI) always lurks pregnant women from the 6th to 24th week of pregnancy. If a pregnant woman has a UTI and is not treated immediately, the infection can spread to the kidneys. As a result, pregnant women can give birth prematurely (preterm labor) and the baby is at risk of being born with a weight below the average. So, it is better to prevent UTIs by adopting the habit of urinating after sex.

2. Cleaning Miss V

After urinating, pregnant women also need to keep clean vagina thoroughly. The reason is, after having sex, the area of the intimate organs and their surroundings is usually contaminated with various impurities, such as lubricants , saliva, and adhering bacteria. If not cleaned properly, the waste can cause an infection that is dangerous for the fetus.

Therefore, try to always clean Miss V after having sex during pregnancy. Mothers are advised to use warm water and wash vagina from front to back. Mothers can also use mild soaps that do not contain fragrances to help remove various kinds of dirt on the outside of Miss V. Avoid cleaning the inside of vagina because it can interfere with the pH balance of Miss V and increase the risk of infection.

3. Wear Clean Underpants

After Miss V is clean, pregnant women are advised not to wear underwear first. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can wear underwear, but it’s new and still clean. The underwear that the mother wears when making love may be damp and contaminated with bacteria or fungi. Putting it back on can put the mother at risk for UTIs and other sex organ infections . So, change your mother’s underwear after every sex. Choose loose cotton underwear so that the vaginal area is not damp.

4. Drinking Water

Mothers are also advised to drink lots of water after having sex during pregnancy. According to Nicole Scot, MD, a gynecologist from Indiana, passionate sexual activity can make the body dehydrated. This condition can affect the health of the pregnant woman’s body, including the health of Miss V. In fact, dehydration during pregnancy can also endanger the health of the fetus by causing reduced amniotic fluid and increasing the risk of the baby experiencing neural tube defects until premature birth. So, don’t be lazy to drink it to replace lost fluid intake during intercourse.

In addition, drinking lots of water also helps pregnant women to urinate more. That way, bacteria and germs can be lost from the intimate organs of pregnant women.

If the mother experiences health problems after having sex during pregnancy, just ask the doctor by using the app . Via Video / Voice Call and Chat , you can contact a doctor anytime and anywhere. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play.

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