4 Things About Pansexual You Need to Know

– Sexual orientation is not limited to bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual. There are still various names which state the occurrence of sexual orientation with different causes and symptoms. Is pansexual, a term sexual disorder that was recently revealed when one of the singers from Hollywood, Miley Cyrus said that he was included in that orientation group. Then, what exactly is pansexual? Check out information about pansexual through the following reviews.

Pansexual is a relatively new sexual disorder

The first thing about pansexual you need to know is what the term pansexual means. Pansexual is sexual orientation when a person is attracted to other people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender. That is the explanation from the sociologist expert Emily Lenning. This means that people who are pansexual will be attracted to anyone, regardless of whether the person is bisexual, transgender, homosexual, female or male.

Usually, this attraction arises not from appearance or physicality and gender, but because of the character or personality that the person has. This is what makes pansexuals unique, because they are attracted to other people from the romantic and emotional side of which they are connected.

Psychologist Holly Richmond, Ph.D. said that people who have a sexual orientation as pansexual tend to be introverted and do not want to admit this situation. This condition has not been coupled with pansexual, which is still relatively new, with symptoms that are seen as common as normal people who like other people not because of love.

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Pansexual is Not the Same as Bisexual

Many people think pansexual is the same sexual orientation as bisexual. In fact, the two are clearly different. Someone who is bisexual only likes two genders, namely women and men. However, gender for a pansexual person has a broad meaning, not limited to gender alone. It could be that a pansexual person is attracted to people who turn out to be homosexual, transgender, bisexual, or other pansexual people themselves.

This is the thing about pansexual that needs to be understood, especially for ordinary people or those who feel they have this sexual orientation. The most visible characteristic of a pansexual is their attraction to other people regardless of gender. Even so, these symptoms are often considered normal, because attraction to other people regardless of gender is considered normal.

Pansexual is not a cheating type

The attraction of a pansexual person to other people regardless of gender and gender is also often the subject of conversation for other people. Often times, a pansexual person is considered a “cheater” because of his attraction to nearly everyone. In fact, a pansexual person can still commit to just one person, like heterosexual and homosexual people.

In fact, it is people who call themselves “normal” who are often found cheating on or treasonous with their partners. So, the assumption that pansexual is a cheater is not true.

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Pansexuals Shouldn’t Be Wrong

Everyone certainly has their own identity, including where their sexual desire is headed. This is why it is so important for everyone to find their true self and acknowledge their sexual interests. It is not easy to admit that sexual orientation is considered uncommon by the social environment. However, daring to be true to yourself will spare a pansexual person the dangers of prolonged stress and depression.

Yes, pansexuals are reportedly more prone to depression due to excessive pressure from society. Therefore, whenever you find someone who shows symptoms of depression, immediately invite him to tell you. It doesn’t have to be with you, it could also be a doctor who is an expert in dealing with mental problems. To make it easier, ask him to download the application on his cellphone. Through the application, he can convey his problem to the doctor of his choice more easily.