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4 Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Can Still Be Cured

, – Sexually transmitted diseases can occur because of transmission of bacteria, parasites, or viruses. Most sexually transmitted diseases affect the health of both men and women, but affect women most severely. Especially when a woman is pregnant.

Use of latex condoms can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases . but can not completely avoid because this infection can occur orally as well. Some sexually transmitted diseases cannot be cured, but there are still some that can be cured, one of which is chlamydia.

Consumption of antibiotics, hygiene, and sexual behavior are certainly ways to cure sexually transmitted diseases. Even though it can be cured, that doesn’t mean you loosen up your health control. Here are some sexually transmitted diseases that can still be cured and need to be known.

1. Gonorrhea

Like Chlamydia, gonorrhea is caused by bacteria that can usually be treated with antibiotics. However, there are situations where gonorrhea is resistant to antibiotics. Gonorrhea can be easily treated, but it can cause serious and sometimes permanent complications. Pelvic inflammatory disease occurs in women when gonorrhea infection affects the uterus or fallopian tubes. The most serious complication associated with pelvic inflammation is infertility.

2. Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by protozoan parasites and usually attacks the urinary tract. The most common symptoms in women are vaginal discharge that is white, gray, yellow, or even green. Usually, the form of a foamy vaginal discharge is accompanied by a smell.

Itching sensation in vagina and redness accompanied by swelling are also symptoms of this disease. Whereas in men, there is pain when urinating or when having sex. The use of antibiotics is a way to cure this sexually transmitted disease.

3. Syphilis

The cause of syphilis is due to the Treponema pallidum bacteria . Syphilis was once a mass public health threat with complications from serious health problems, such as arthritis, brain damage and blindness. Until finally medical treatment in the late 1940s discovered penicillin antibiotics that were developed and could cure syphilis. This type of sexually transmitted disease cannot be spread through toilet seats, doorways, swimming pools, hot tubs, the use of shared clothing or eating utensils. Contact with a wound caused by syphilis is the cause of transmission of syphilis.

4. Pubic lice

Although pubic lice are a type of sexually transmitted disease that can quickly spread through sexual contact or the exchange of underwear with people, but pubic lice are not dangerous because they can be easily eradicated by using a special antiseptic soap to kill genital lice. Cleaning clothes, underwear, or anything that has been exposed to a person with pubic lice is another way to avoid and get rid of pubic lice disease.

Actually, for several other diseases, such as herpes, genital warts, fungal infections, and boils can also be cured. Even so, the essence of this curable sexually transmitted disease is that it will not be dangerous if handled quickly. If you allow and do not change your sexual behavior, sexually transmitted diseases that can be cured can turn into dangerous complications.

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