Pregnancy Sex

4 Reasons for Decreasing Sexual Desire during Young Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only makes a number of changes in the physical appearance of pregnant women, but also in sexual desire. Although having sex during pregnancy is considered safe, in fact many women have decreased sexual desire during pregnancy. Usually this condition occurs in the first trimester. How can you? Here are 4 reasons for decreased sexual desire during pregnancy.

Changes in sexual desire for each pregnant woman are different. There are those who experience a high increase in sexual desire, but some are not even excited. Changing the desire to have sex during pregnancy is a natural thing. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the mother will experience a number of uncomfortable conditions due to the impact of pregnancy. Psychological factors are said to be one of the main causes of decreased sexual desire for pregnant women.

1. Concerned more about the condition of the fetus

If before pregnancy, mothers and partners are free to have sex at any time without worrying about anything. However, after pregnancy, there is a fetus in the womb that needs to be considered in its condition when it comes to sexual activity. The reason is, almost everything pregnant women do will have an impact on the fetus in the womb. That is why most pregnant women tend to prioritize the health of the prospective baby over sexual desire.

But actually, as long as the condition of the mother’s pregnancy is healthy, strong enough and there are no problems, having sex is still safe to do in the first trimester. Women with a history of miscarriage and a weak uterus are not recommended to have sex early in pregnancy.

2. Morning Sickness

Generally in the first trimester of pregnancy, most women will experience morning sickness . Even though it is called morning sickness , the nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women does not only occur in the morning, but can last throughout the day. This will make the mother feel tired and eventually become less enthusiastic about having sex.

3. Pain in the Breast

During pregnancy, not only does the mother’s stomach increase in size, the size of the mother’s breasts will also increase and sometimes feel pain, even become swollen. This condition is often a complaint of pregnant women in the first trimester . Breast pain is actually a normal condition during pregnancy, so the mother doesn’t need to worry. The reason is due to increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body, which is responsible for preparing her breasts for breastfeeding.

However, these hormonal changes can sometimes make the mother’s nipples very sensitive. To the extent that when the nipples rub against clothes alone can cause pain. Apart from pain, the mother’s breasts can also be swollen and feel like tingling. This condition certainly makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable for activities, especially for having sex.

4. Mood Swing

Many pregnant women feel more sensitive and experience rapid mood swings since pregnancy. This is also very normal and again caused by the increase in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. On the one hand, mothers are very happy with the pregnancy they are experiencing, but at other times, pregnant women will feel sad because they are worried that the mother will not be a good parent for the little one in the future. Well, this pretty drastic mood change also affects the desire of pregnant women to have sex.

How to Overcome Decreased Sexual Desire during Pregnancy

Although the hormonal changes that occur in the first trimester can indeed make pregnant women sexually decrease, don’t just let it go. However, having sex during pregnancy can provide beneficial benefits for pregnant women and also strengthen the relationship between mother and husband. So, try to do the following ways to deal with decreased sexual desire:

  • Try to get a full eight hours of rest every night, because lack of sleep will make you tired more easily and ultimately find it difficult to have sex.
  • If the mother does not feel excited to have sex, do other types of sexual activity that can strengthen intimacy between the mother and partner, such as massage, cuddling , foreplay , and so on.
  • Exercise regularly and eat more healthy foods. This method can increase the mother’s confidence during sex.
  • Communicate with your husband about things that make the mother uncomfortable. For example, if your breasts feel sore, tell your husband to be careful with that part.