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4 Positions of Intimate Relationships During Young Pregnancy

, – Going through pregnancy is the period most anticipated by couples who have just entered a household. The positive results seen from the pregnancy test are certainly good news, especially if the pregnancy is the first one.

Sex with Pregnant Women, Should Husbands Wear Condoms?

The joy is felt along with feeling worried about the health and safety of the fetus when the mother is undergoing various activities. Including one of them when going to have sex.

It is not uncommon for women to feel worried about the fetus in the womb when having intercourse, even though during pregnancy it is declared healthy by your doctor, you may have sex during pregnancy.

A Safe Position for First Trimester Pregnant Women

Having sex in the first trimester of pregnancy will certainly make you and your partner comfortable. This is because the stomach is not too big. In addition, reported by Health, according to Rose Hartzell, PhD, sex therapist in San Diego, having sex during the first pregnancy can increase the relationship between husband and wife.

Pay attention to several things, one of which is an intimate position that is safe to do when the mother is undergoing pregnancy in the first trimester. The following positions are safe for intercourse during early pregnancy, namely:

  1. Woman on Top

The position of the woman at the top is the position of the safest sex during pregnancy. The reason is because there is no chance that the pregnant woman’s stomach will be pressed or squashed.

This sex position also certainly will not have any influence, either on the condition of the mother or the fetus. In addition, in this position, pregnant women can control the speed and depth of penetration.

7 Benefits of Having Intimate Relationships While Pregnant

  1. Spooning

The position of intercourse when the mother lies on her side and her husband is behind her or facing her back is also a safe position to do when pregnant.

This allows penetration is not too deep, so it will not affect the fetus. This sex position requires effort to reach an appropriate rhythm. However, after the mother and husband find a comfortable pace, this sex position feels even more enjoyable and enjoyable.

  1. Side By Side

According to Rachel Needle, PsyD, a psychologist at the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Floria, on the website The Bump page, another sex position that is most suitable to do when pregnant young is the side by side position.

This sex position allows the mother and husband to lie on the bed and look at each other, which can increase intimacy and feelings of love. The penetration that can be done is not too deep, so the mother doesn’t have to worry about the fetus being disturbed. In addition, the side by side position makes pregnant women not need excessive energy when having intercourse.

  1. Side Saddle

This sex position is also one of the most comfortable positions in the first and second trimesters. Well, in this position, pregnant women need to lie down and relax, while the husband will do all the work. Men’s hands are also free to stimulate a woman’s breasts and clitoris. The penetration that can be done is also not too deep.

5 Rules for Sex that is Safe While Pregnant

Pay attention to pregnancy conditions

When going to have sex, don’t forget to do foreplay with your partner. This condition is done to avoid bleeding through the vagina due to the condition of the cervix of women who are more sensitive during pregnancy.

In addition, pay attention to several conditions of pregnant women. It is better to avoid sexual intercourse in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the mother has placenta previa, abruption of the placenta, has had a miscarriage, the uterus is open and has given birth prematurely.

Immediately consult the nearest hospital when you experience bleeding or uncomfortable conditions in the uterus after intercourse. Now you can make a doctor’s appointment via the app, so you don’t need to queue anymore, huh.

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