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4 Misguided Sexually Transmitted Disease Myths

, – There is a lot of information circulating about sexually transmitted diseases, aka STDs . However, not all of the information is absolutely correct and contains facts. In fact, there is some misinformation about sexually transmitted diseases. Anything?

Generally, this misinformation circulates among teens who are curious and find out. Therefore, the role of adults and parents is very important to provide understanding to children about sexually transmitted diseases. Because, if adolescents are exposed to inaccurate information, the risk of spreading STDs among adolescents can be higher and cause unwanted things.

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Here are 4 myths or misinformation about sexually transmitted diseases that need to be clarified.

1. PMS only affects certain people

There is information that says that sexually transmitted diseases, aka STDs, only attack certain people, namely people who do not maintain cleanliness. In fact, maintaining cleanliness is important. However, that doesn’t mean that STDs will only attack people who don’t care about hygiene. Everyone who is sexually active has a risk of contracting an STD.

In addition to maintaining cleanliness, preventing STDs can also be done by always using safeguards or condoms when having sex. In fact, condom use is very important and can help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases attacking.

2. PMS only occurs because of penetration

Many believe that sexually transmitted diseases can only occur because of penetration. There is a myth that a person can avoid STD transmission if they have sexual intercourse orally (through the mouth) or anally (through the anus). But be careful, in fact, it’s just a myth. The risk of transmitting STDs is always there whenever there is sexual intercourse, whether through penetration, oral, anal, or just touching.

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Viruses or bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases can enter the body through sores in the mouth, anus, or sores on the genitals. In fact, there are several types of sexually transmitted diseases that can be spread only through skin contact, such as herpes and genital warts.

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be seen

Many people believe that sexually transmitted diseases can be seen with the naked eye. It makes many people feel confident and safe to have sex with just anyone, because they don’t see any risk of disease in that person. In fact, that information is simply not true.

Even though it is not visible, it does not mean that a person is definitely clean from viruses that cause sexually transmitted diseases. This condition cannot be seen with the naked eye, even by doctors. To make sure someone has a sexually transmitted disease or not, a series of medical examinations is needed, such as blood tests.

In some cases, people with this disease don’t even know they have an STD. Therefore, sexually transmitted diseases often appear without symptoms.

4. PMS Only Happens Once

Some information states that sexually transmitted diseases only occur once in a lifetime. This is not entirely true. In fact, some types of STDs can last a lifetime, for example herpes and HIV. Don’t underestimate sexually transmitted diseases and be sure to always protect yourself well.

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Those are 4 sexually transmitted disease myths that you need to know. If you have a sexual problem that bothers you, now you can make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital of your choice through the application, you know! Come on, download the application now on the App Store or Google Play!