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4 Medical Facts Behind the First Night

, – Having sexual intercourse for the first time with a partner may be the thing you have been waiting for. However, there are also many people who feel worried and feel anxious. One may wonder whether after doing so the body will experience changes, or will it hurt.

When you want to have sexual intercourse on the first night, make sure you and your partner are in prime condition. Also, you should consider doing it in a place that feels comfortable. This is important so that you and your partner can focus more. You should also pay attention to some medical facts about this first night.

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Do Foreplay

In fact, the experience of having sexual relations between men and women will be different. Generally, women feel pain, or also experience bleeding, while men will not feel pain. Therefore, it is important to do foreplay in order to reduce pain when you first penetrate.

Not only that, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, EdD, psychosexual therapist, professor at New York University also said it is important for women to get foreplay because it takes longer than men to reach the level of arousal needed to orgasm.

Foreplay is also useful for achieving physical and emotional goals, helping to prepare the mind and body for sex. Many women need to be kissed, hugged, and caressed to create a lubricant in the vagina, which is essential for comfortable sexual intercourse.

Cleanse Yourself After Having Intimate Relationships

Anything you do can cause you to be exposed to dirt, such as from your partner’s mouth, hands, to lubrication. Well, there is nothing wrong with cleaning yourself gently before going to bed. Wash slowly the intimate organs using clean water to avoid infection or germs lodged in the sex organs.

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Urinating after Intimate Sex

Not only cleaning the intimate organs, you need to urinate after sexual intercourse with a partner. This aims to avoid bacteria and infections that can cause sexually transmitted infections (UTIs). Urinating after sexual activity will clean any remaining sperm or lubricating fluid. While this is not a sure-fire way to prevent sex-related UTIs, it is a fairly easy way to try.

Drinking Water

After sexual intercourse, you will lose a lot of fluids through sweating. Not only that, sometimes your throat will feel very dry. To avoid dehydration , you should consume enough water to restore body fluids.

Always provide water before having sex. In addition to meeting the body’s fluid needs, consuming water after sex also helps blood circulation.

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If you still have questions regarding tips for healthy sex, you can chat with the doctor at . If you are planning a pregnancy right away, you can also ask your doctor for tips. The doctor will provide health advice for new couples who are planning a pregnancy.


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