Sex Syphilis

4 Facts About Syphilis Transmitted from Intimate Relationships

– Syphilis or many call it the lion king, has actually been a global health problem for centuries. According to experts, if not treated quickly and appropriately, this disease can cause paralysis and damage to internal organs. Well, here are the facts about syphilis that you need to know:

1. Not Just Intimate Relationships



The disease, which is generally transmitted from sexual contact, is caused by a bacteria called treponema pallidum. This lion king infection can be spread when someone has sex with an infected person. However, experts say, the actual transmission of syphilis is not only through sex. King lion bacteria can also be spread through exposure to body fluids, such as blood.

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Apart from intercourse, the bacteria that cause syphilis can also be spread through exposure to the body fluids of the sufferer, for example through blood. Not only that, needles used on drug users with needles or connoisseurs of body art to piercing, can also be a medium for the spread of this disease.


2. Unknown Origin


Until now, the experts have not been able to confirm the origin of this disease. However, at least this is one theory that can explain the origin of the spread of the lion king. According to experts, the lion king disease associated with Christhoper Columbus voyage in discovering America.

This theory says, the crew of the Columbus ship brought syphilis from the American continent when they returned to Europe in 1492. Well, soon there was the world’s first syphilis epidemic in 1495, precisely when France invaded Naples, Italy. However, there are some experts who doubt this theory, because in 1495 this disease was still indistinguishable from leprosy.

3. Almost Extinct in Australia

This disease, which can be transmitted by a pregnant woman to the baby she is carrying, has been almost extinct in Australia. However, in the past six years, at least six babies there died of syphilis. According to health experts in Australia, this disease was actually almost extinct in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, in 2008 there were two cases to be precise in Queensland, and now more than 1100 cases have attacked the community there. Even worse, there are at least 200 additional cases each year.

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Although Australia has good testing kits, treatments and health facilities, experts are concerned that they have not succeeded in preventing its spread. Currently, this disease, which is treated using antibiotics in the form of penicillin injections, has become one of the biggest epidemics in Australia in recent years.

4. Four Stages

Symptoms of this disease appear about three weeks after treponema pallidum enters the body. What needs to be known, this lion king infection is divided into four stages, namely:

5. Primary



The sufferer will experience symptoms such as lesions or sores on the genitals. These sores can also occur in and around the mouth. The wound forms like an insect bite without pain. At this stage, it is very easy for an infected person to pass it on to other people through sexual contact.

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– Secondary


This stage will produce a red rash the size of a small coin that generally appears on the palms and feet. This secondary stage can also cause other symptoms such as sore throat, genital warts, fever, and decreased appetite. According to experts, this phase can last for 1-3 months.

– Latent


When the secondary phase seems to disappear, this latency can last for two years until it advances to a dangerous period in the lion king’s infection, the tertiary stage.



The sufferer will endure this if the lion king is not treated. Remember, at this stage the infection can lead to paralysis, dementia, impotence, blindness, hearing problems, and death if untreated.

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