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4 Diseases That Can Be Known From Urine Check

, – Of the many series of medical tests to determine health conditions, urine tests are often used to check for the presence or absence of a disease that has infected a person. This urine test is done to evaluate the various components in the urine as a result of the waste products made by the kidneys.

As the name suggests, a urine test is a method of examining using urine to detect any disturbances in the body. For healthy urine, it is identical to the light yellow color. However, the color of this urine will change if there is something wrong with the function of the body’s organs. In short, the results of this urine test will show early symptoms of certain diseases.

This urine test can be assessed based on their physical appearance. For example, seen from the color, clarity, and smell. In addition, the assessment can also be seen from the pH (acid and base levels), the presence of glucose (sugar), protein, nitrites, white and red blood cells, bilirubin, bacteria in urine, and others.

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Then, what diseases can be identified through a urine test?

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Of the many sexually transmitted diseases, diseases, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be identified through urine examination. Since most of these two diseases do not cause symptoms, routine mandatory health checks need to be carried out. The goal is clear, to find out whether we are safe from this disease or not.

For women, examination of these two diseases is usually done by taking fluids from Miss V. Furthermore, it will be further investigated through a process in the laboratory. As for men, the examiner is carried out by looking at and examining the tissue of Mr. P. However, in some cases, urine tests can also be used as material to be investigated to determine the presence or absence of chlamydia.

2. Diabetes

According to data from WHO, at least 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, four times more than 30 years ago. Wow! Of these, approximately 90 percent are people with type 2 diabetes which is preventable.

Diabetes can indeed be known through the symptoms. But for more definite results, you can go through a series of medical examinations, such as urine tests. Because, testing glucose (blood sugar) in urine can be used as a way to find out how the body treats excess glucose.

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Generally, our bodies do not “shed” glucose into the urine, unless it is very high in the bloodstream. This high level of sugar in the urine can signal whether something is wrong in the way the body is managing glucose.

However, this urine test cannot test the body’s current glucose level. The tests only provide insight into what has happened since we last urinated. That is why blood glucose testing is the main test to give a picture of what’s going on in a person’s bloodstream.

3. Kidney Disease

Blood checks and urine checks can show how well the kidneys are doing their job. For self-examination of urine, it will show how quickly body waste is cleaned. In addition, this test can also find out whether the kidneys are leaking protein or not.

Some urine tests only require a few tablespoons of urine. However, some tests require collecting all urine produced for a full 24 hours. This 24-hour urine test will show you how much urine your kidneys produce in one day. This test can also provide an accurate measurement of how much protein leaks that occur in the urine during one day.

4. Liver Disease

Dark urine is synonymous with liver problems. To find out liver function, you can also go through urine tests. This check will measure the bilirubin levels in our urine. Bilirubin itself is a yellowish substance made during the body’s normal process of breaking down red blood cells.

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Bilirubin, which is found in bile, is a liquid in our liver that helps digest food. If there is a problem with the liver, bilirubin can leak into the blood and urine. Well, bilirubin in the urine may be a sign of liver disease.

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