4 Dangers of Wearing High Heels while Pregnant

, – Not only the health of the body that needs to be maintained during pregnancy, but also the appearance or fashion that pregnant women wear. In addition to choosing clothes that are comfortable, given the hormonal changes that allow pregnant women to feel hot and sweaty more quickly, the type of shoes used is also another consideration.

High heels are indeed a type of shoe that makes a woman’s appearance sexier and supports self-confidence. Unfortunately, there are dangers that lurk when wearing heels while pregnant. These dangers are not only the possibility of injury from accidental falls, but also more specific dangers.  This is How to Improve the Mood of Children Back in School

  1. Lower Back Pain

The condition of pregnancy provides hormonal changes in pregnant women that function to relax the ligaments to make room for the presence of the fetus. This situation gives a change to posture. Initially before pregnancy there was no problem when wearing heels , but because of changing body posture wearing heels can be something uncomfortable. In fact, it results in pain in the lower back.

  1. Loss of Balance

It could be that before pregnancy using heels is not a problem, even though 17 cm. Stepping on the third trimester, the body’s balance point is getting messy. Just getting up from sitting on the sofa pregnant women feel dizzy or even standing too long makes it sore. Imagine if in an unstable condition like this pregnant women wearing heels ? Certainly, pregnant women will find it difficult to regulate the balance of the body.  Pregnant Women Don’t Cry, This Is Its Impact for the Fetus

  1. Leg Cramps

The physical changes that occur in women during pregnancy are swelling of the feet and hands. In situations like this, wearing heels during pregnancy will only add to the discomfort of pregnant women. Wearing ordinary shoes, pregnant women often feel cramps especially with heels ? Heels only increase the risk of more frequent leg cramps which should be avoided. If possible, even pregnant women wear shoes or sandals made of rubber, so they can be easily removed when cramps hit.  Mother, do this treatment to recover after a miscarriage

  1. Headache

The condition of pregnancy makes a woman’s body more sensitive and the feet are a part of the body that stores many nerves. Improper pressure on the feet due to changes in body weight plus the hormones that change with pregnancy can cause headaches in pregnant women. Therefore, it is better if pregnant women do not force themselves to wear heels just so that their appearance remains perfect. Even if you want to wear heels , it’s okay as long as it’s not too high, a maximum of 3 cm.

Stiff Feet and Calves during Pregnancy

Too much walking, standing and wearing improper footwear can cause sore feet and calves, especially during pregnancy. There are several ways to relieve soreness, from placing a pillow on your calf, to soaking your feet in warm salt water. Getting enough rest is another tip for reducing soreness in the legs and calves during pregnancy.  3 Types of Placental Disorders and How to Overcome Them

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