3 Tips for Being Intimate with Your Partner, Despite Years of Being Married

, – A feeling of boredom is a challenge that can arise after marriage and spending up to years with your partner. In order for your marriage relationship to remain intimate and romantic, you and your partner need to fight these feelings. How to stay intimate and lasting with a partner?

Deciding to marry and live with someone for a long time is a big thing in life. However, in the midst of this love journey, it is very possible that boredom arises and diminishes the existing intimacy. At first, a marriage based on love will be very pleasant and affectionate. Although quarrels and differences of opinion are normal things in the household, they still have to be watched out for. One way to make a household last is to continue to maintain intimacy with your partner.

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Things You Can Do To Stay Intimate

Problems in the household and relationship is a common thing and almost certainly exists. Some say that the first five years of marriage are the most difficult and difficult times to go through, including because of the many problems. The key to a lasting marriage is to always maintain intimacy and a harmonious atmosphere with your partner. There are various ways you can do to keep the relationship intimate, including:

1. Avoid Unnecessary Questions

It is very natural for you and your partner to want to open up and get to know each other. One way is to ask questions, especially about things that were not known before. But be careful, it turns out that there are some questions that you shouldn’t ask if you want to stay intimate with your partner. Examples of questions that can destroy harmony are “Which is more important between me or your mother?” or the question of when the pair will change. Instead of ruining the atmosphere with these questions, try to always tell stories and exchange ideas with Si He when there is free time.

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In fact, in life not everything needs to be asked and not all questions need answers. There are several types of questions that are actually trivial, but sensitive and should be avoided in order to make the marriage more lasting.

2. Doing New Things

In order for a long marriage to feel very strong, always spend time together with your partner doing new things. Spending time with your partner can be used by doing fun things that are favorites. In fact, having a regular schedule for doing activities together can help keep your relationship warm and affectionate.

You and your partner can also try to do things that are out of the ordinary, at least once in your life. In addition to making the relationship “fresher”, doing new things with your partner can also increase cohesiveness and make you and him get to know each other better.

3. Sports together

You can maintain household harmony by exercising regularly with your partner. Exercise has been proven to be very beneficial and necessary for the body to stay in shape. Try taking a specific exercise class with your partner. Not only is it healthy, exercising with your partner can also make these activities more enjoyable .