3 Psychological Problems Cause Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition when Mr. P cannot harden despite sexual stimulation. There are several factors that cause impotence problems, namely psychological factors and physical factors. In fact, the worst can be caused by these two factors.

In fact, someone’s physical health also affects this problem of impotence. If someone has a body that is not fit, it is possible that this problem will affect one’s sexual function. However, if a person’s physical condition is in good health, sexual function will run as usual.

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Not only physical, psychological problems can also make a person experience problems with erectile dysfunction or impotence. This psychological problem is a type of problem that is not easy to cure and is classified as the most difficult problem because not all psychological problems can be found the root cause. Psychological factors are responsible for nearly 20 percent of cases of sexual problems for men.

Yes, various types of problems that affect a person’s emotional reality can trigger sexual disorders in men. Because, the problem that weighs on his mind will affect the course of the erection process.

The following are types of psychological problems that can lead to erection problems:

  • Depression

When someone is depressed, of course this condition will affect a person’s physical and psychological qualities. In a state of depression, a person will not be able to receive sexual stimulation properly, so that psychological illness is very vulnerable to making a person experience erectile dysfunction or impotence. Medications through drugs sometimes also have a negative impact on the sexual health of someone who is depressed. Drugs can actually make impotence stronger.

  • Excessive Anxious Feelings

Usually, when knowing symptoms that are not compatible with sexual function, a person will experience excessive feelings of anxiety. This condition makes men sometimes refuse to have sexual intercourse because they are worried that they will not be able to have sex properly. In fact, excessive anxiety like this sometimes actually makes a man unable to receive stimulation properly.

Erection can occur because it starts from a stimulation that is well received by the brain, and will then be continued by other organs that participate in achieving orgasm. We recommend that you prepare yourself well when having intimate relations with your partner and get adequate rest, so that the physical condition becomes fresh and the intimate relationship becomes enjoyable.

  • Persistent Feelings of Guilt

When your partner complains that you don’t feel satisfied when having sex, of course this will make you feel guilty and less confident when having sex. It’s better to avoid this feeling because it will affect your psychological condition and even make your sex drive decrease.

Talking about your condition with your partner is the best solution to solve this problem. In addition, prepare yourself when going to have sex. Communicate with your partner the things that make your sex drive decrease.