3 Factors That Determine Sperm Health

Knowing the condition and health of sperm is important, especially for couples planning to have a baby. Therefore, healthy sperm will be easier and successful at fertilization. This means that the chances of pregnancy will be greater if the husband has healthy sperm. So, what are the factors that determine sperm health?

In general, there are many things that can affect sperm health. However, to determine whether a man’s sperm is healthy enough or not, there are several factors that must be considered. Determinants of sperm health include overall sperm count, ability to move, and sperm shape.

Benefits of Checking Sperm Before Pregnancy Program

Get to know healthy sperm

There are many things that can affect sperm health, from the lifestyle that is applied, smoking habits, to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Men tend to have healthy sperm if they don’t smoke and don’t consume alcohol. One way to determine the level of fertility and sperm health is to do an examination.

Sperm is contained in male semen , which is the fluid that functions as a “vehicle” for sperm to travel to the female reproductive tract. There are three factors that can be used to determine sperm health, including:

1. Total Sperm Count

Too little sperm count may be difficult to cause pregnancy. Normally, 1 milliliter of semen released by a man contains 15 million sperm.

2. The ability to move sperm

Healthy sperm has a fast rate of motion. This is needed because the sperm must be agile to reach the egg and pass through several parts of the female reproductive organs. Of all the sperm that comes out, at least 25 percent must have fast forward movement.

3. Form of Sperm

Sperm health can also be seen from its shape. Healthy sperm has an oval head and a long tail to support forward movement.

Do you want to know the characteristics of healthy semen?

In order for pregnancy to occur quickly, it is important to always maintain sperm quality and health. There are several ways that are suggested and can be done to maintain sperm health , such as adopting a healthy diet, maintaining an ideal body weight, managing stress well, exercising regularly, and avoiding risky sex habits.

This is because people who usually engage in risky sexual activities, such as changing partners frequently or not using protection, are more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections can be one of the triggers for sperm cells to become unhealthy and reduce their quality. In other words, sperm do not have the perfect power to cause pregnancy.

Maintaining sperm health can also be done by quitting smoking. Therefore, smoking can cause men to experience a decrease in sperm count. Not only that, active smoking can also lead to decreased sperm motility. Apart from smoking, improving sperm quality can also be done by limiting the intake of alcoholic drinks.

Not much different from smoking, alcohol can also cause the structure of the sperm to become damaged and unhealthy. Alcohol can also interfere with the absorption of the mineral zinc which is very important for male fertility.