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3 Factors That Affect Height

Most people want to have an ideal and proportionate body, including a slender height. However, a person’s height is influenced by many factors. What are the factors that affect height?

1. Genetic Factors

The genetic factor here is the height of both parents. The formula for estimating the child’s height based on the height of the parents is:

  • Son = (mother’s height + 13) + father’s height (in centimeters) divided by 2 ± 8.5 centimeters.
  • Daughter = (Father’s height – 13) + Mother’s height (in centimeters) divided by 2 ± 8.5 centimeters.

The gene that affects a person’s height is called HMGA2. Changes in a base letter in the HMGA2 genetic code, namely a C ( Cytosine ) will affect a person’s height. A person who only gets C from one parent will be half a centimeter taller than someone who only has T ( Thymin ). If a person has double C, then he or she will be one centimeter taller than one with double T. Apart from HMGA2, there are other genes related to height.

2. Nutritional factors

Maintain adequate nutrition by consuming protein, calcium, and exercising regularly. The process of bone compaction stops when a person is 35 years old. To support good bone growth, vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are needed. Enough is also the need for animal protein (meat, chicken, fish, various seafood, egg white) and vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh, peanuts, green beans, peas). If you have sufficient nutrition, you don’t need to take special supplements.

3. Activity Factors

Activities related to height gain are sports. The recommended sports are sports that put a load on the long bones of the leg, for example athletics, jumping rope, jogging, basketball, badminton, swimming, or similar sports. By doing this exercise, the bones will be stimulated to grow longer due to the pounding of body weight.

Tips for Getting the Ideal Height

Here are some tips you can do to get the ideal body weight:

  • Eat a nutritionally balanced diet every day, especially those high in calcium, phosphorus and protein.
  • Exercise regularly , especially sports that stimulate the bones to grow longer.
  • Adequate rest and drink lots of water to keep your body in shape and can grow optimally.