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2 Ways to Know the Fertility of a Woman

Knowing a woman’s fertile period is very important, especially for those of you who are planning to have a baby. This is because, sexual intercourse during the fertile period is very possible for conception, so that the chances of pregnancy are greater. Come on, find out how to find out a woman’s fertile period here.

When Exactly Does Women’s Fertility Take Place?

To find out when a woman’s fertile period begins, first you need to know when your menstrual period begins. Menstruation or menstruation begins on the first day when the uterine lining sheds and comes out with blood from the vagina. During menstruation, the egg will develop in the ovary again. When the egg is ripe, the ovary will release the egg. This event is known as ovulation.

Well, the ovulation process occurs about 12-14 days before the first day of your next menstruation. Actually, when ovulation starts depends on your menstrual cycle . If you have a relatively short menstrual cycle, for example, only 22 days, ovulation can occur only a few days after menstruation ends. So, ovulation time for each woman can be different. Therefore, it is important for you to know your menstrual cycle so you can estimate when your ovulation will start.

Then, when the woman’s fertile period lasts? Your fertile period starts around the time of ovulation, which is about five days before ovulation occurs. Usually, a woman’s fertile period occurs around 12-16 days before her next menstrual period. In other words, the average woman is fertile between day 10 and day 17 after the first day of her last menstrual period. However, this applies to women who have regular menstrual cycles of 28 days. For those of you who have different menstrual cycles, you can study and calculate when your fertile period is.

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How to know a woman’s fertility

To find out a woman’s fertile period, you can use two ways, namely by counting and by recognizing the signs.

1. Calculating Fertility

The egg can only survive for 24 hours after being released. So, if you want to get pregnant , the egg must be fertilized within 12-24 hours after ovulation. For this reason, it is important to know when a woman is in her most fertile condition. The fertile period can be calculated by relying on a record or analysis of the menstrual cycle for at least the last 8 months.

Here is the formula for calculating the fertile period:

  • Know your shortest menstrual cycle. For example, 27 days. Subtract 18 that number. The result is 9. So, this number is the first day of your fertile period.
  • Know your longest cycle. For example, 30 days. Subtract 11. The result is 19. So, this number is the last day of your fertile period.

So, if your average cycle is 27-30 days, then your fertile period lasts from days 9 to 19.

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2. Recognize the Signs

To strengthen the estimated fertility period, you can also observe the following signs of a woman’s fertile period:

  • Increased Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature is your body temperature when you wake up in the morning. Normally, your basal body temperature is 35.5–36.6 degrees Celsius. However, this temperature will increase when you are ovulating.

  • Appears Cervical Mucus

During the fertile period, cervical mucus or mucus in the cervix is clear, slippery, and elastic, like raw egg white.

  • Stomach Pain

Some women experience these symptoms around ovulation.

  • Feel Passionate

When you are fertile, you will find yourself attractive and more passionate about sexual intercourse . You also look attractive to your partner’s eyes, because your body will naturally smell different than usual.

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