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2 Herbal Substitutes for Sugar & Salt That You Should Try

– Excessive sugar and salt can have a negative impact on the body. You are also most likely to get heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and many more.

So far, foods with sugar content are more of a concern because they are said to be the cause of rising blood sugar. But actually, what you have to watch out for is the calories found in foods that contain sugar, carbohydrates, and even herbs.

The high calorie content is in sugar, so the consumption of this sweet one must be limited, Moms. Especially for those of you who have a family history of diabetes. However, by choosing to limit the use of sugar, people often unconsciously increase the use of salt in their diet. In fact, if consumed in excess, salt can also increase blood pressure and hypertension and cause complications of diabetes.

Even though you reduce the use of sugar and salt, you don’t need to worry. You can still serve delicious food menus for your dear family. There are other alternative seasoning options that can be used as a flavoring substitute for sugar and salt, namely basil and mint leaves .

For Moms who like to cook, of course you are familiar with this one herbal leaf. Even though basil leaves are rarely used, they can be used as a spice to suit Indonesian flavors. Serve the grilled chicken and delicious pasta for the family using the basil leaves as a spice, an alternative. You can also use basil leaves for other foods because they don’t contain calories and fat. The sodium content in basil leaves is relatively low. So that in addition to providing a delicious aroma, it also tastes delicious.

As a sugar substitute, you can choose mint leaves which are commonly used in snack and dessert recipes. But there’s nothing wrong with using this herbal plant in the cooking menu. If you add mint leaves to cooking, you only need 0.1g of sugar / serving. This is why the use of mint leaves is recommended for those of you who suffer from diabetes.

Now you don’t have to worry about your food tasting bland, let’s family start switching to basil and mint leaves. Good luck!