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10 Things Men Don’t Know About Women

Maybe a lot of men don’t really know the other side of women. This is what often results in a couple’s relationship not running smoothly, even separation can occur.

Actually, women are more open creatures when compared to men. They tell more stories than men who tend to be more introverted and tell less. Well men, don’t be discouraged from getting to know women further. You can find out a few things about women that are not yet known, namely:

Differences in male vs female fall in love patterns

  1. Women love to be heard

Yes, basically everyone likes it when the story is heard. Reporting from The Good Men Project , listening to women’s stories is necessary. Make this activity even more fun by responding to the story every now and then.

It will take a long time, but this method makes the woman feel comfortable and feels appreciated by you. If you have this, you might be the first to look for when he needs a storymate. Not only that, listening to women tell stories can actually be a sign of affection.

  1. Want More Initiative Couples

This is also quite important in your relationship and your partner. Usually, men who have high initiative are seen as caring, caring , understanding, and also reliable.

  1. Understand Body Language

If you just pretend to be happy with something, women can read your facial expressions. Women are more sensitive in understanding something especially about your relationship problems.

It’s best to always be honest with your partner, because if you are caught lying or covering up something it can have an impact on your relationship.

  1. Liking Surprise

Although sometimes women like to be proud to say that they like surprises, surprise is something they are waiting for from their partner. Yes, no matter how small a surprise is given to your partner, they feel more appreciated and loved if they are given a happy surprise .

  1. Women Love Tenderness

In general, women like tenderness. Say good words to women, then women will like you. Never do anything rude or say rude to women. If you do this just once, chances are you will be shunned by this woman.

Here are 7 unique traits of women that make men fall in love

  1. Happy to be given intimate words

Women are very happy to be noticed, one of which is by using affectionate words. Although sometimes a prestigious woman admits it, in her heart there is happiness and a feeling of being loved by her partner.

Reporting from Beliefnet , there are some words that men should say to their partners to build emotional closeness, for example greeting with praise.

  1. Women Can Be Independent

Women are creatures that are tough, strong, and independent. Making an independent woman as a life partner can be a fun thing. You can work together to solve problems. Usually, independent women know how to comfort themselves and their partners.

  1. Women Want Couples to Understand Little Things More

Reporting from The Clever , women want their partners to better understand the little things that women need. There is nothing wrong with men paying more attention to the small changes that occur in women. Don’t forget to give praise or positive feedback on the small changes that occur.

  1. Give Enough Time

For women affection has many meanings. You don’t have to give your favorite items or foods, as reported by The Good Men Project , giving women enough time consistently and with quality to make women feel completely loved.

  1. Women Have Fear

Women have a fear of something. This causes women to be better prepared for everything when they will do anything.