Check Sperm Sex

Watch out, these 7 signs indicate abnormal sperm

– The problem of infertility often makes men who want to have children feel restless. Infertility here is of course related to sperm. Remember, men need healthy and quality sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg. Now, when a man experiences abnormal sperm problems, doctors usually recommend doing a sperm examination. The examination procedure is performed […]


Watch out, these 6 things can cause genital balanitis

, – When talking about complaints to the main male “weapon”, what are the things that are on your mind? Impotence, itching due to fungus, premature ejaculation, or maybe peyronie (the shape of the penis looks curved? What about balanitis , never heard of this disease? Balanitis is inflammation of the tip of the head […]

Pregnancy Sex

Watch Out, These 6 Factors Can Reduce Female Fertility

Female fertility is an important factor in increasing the chances of pregnancy. In addition, there are several other factors such as lifestyle, intensity of intimate relationships, and male fertility. Unfortunately, not many know that there are several habits that can reduce female fertility. In fact, there are daily habits that can reduce a woman’s fertility […]


Watch out, these 5 problems can ruin a marriage

, – Living a married life can indeed be an easy matter. Deciding to marry and live with someone for a long time is a big thing in life. In the beginning, a marriage based on love will be very pleasant and affectionate. However, it is no longer a secret that married life might get […]

Mental disorders Mental health Sex

Beware, 4 Signs of Codependent Relationship in Marriage

, – In a marriage, it is very natural for a married couple to rely on each other. After all, the couple is the closest person who will usually be the first place to complain, complain, and ask for help. However, there are some couples who have very extreme levels of dependence. This condition is […]

Coronavirus Sex

These are the Rules of Intimate Relationship During the Corona Virus Pandemic

– Now we are all undergoing physical distancing to combat the COVID-19 pandemic . President Joko Widodo appealed to change the pattern of daily activities. Starting from those who are usually active in activities and traveling, now activities such as studying, working, and worshiping need to be done from home. Boring? Clear! However, some couples […]


4 Ways to Explain to Teenagers About the Dangers of Free Sex

, – Sexuality is sometimes something that is avoided when talking to children. In fact, sexual education in children can be done to explain the dangers of free sex in adolescents. Free sex can actually increase the risk of various health problems, such as infection with infectious diseases. Children Start Adolescence, How to Start Sex […]

Leucorrhoea Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs

Bad Smells Because of Leucorrhoea, Beware of this Disease

, – Leucorrhoea in women is normal and can happen at any time. However, of course this is only said to be normal if the vaginal discharge is still within reasonable limits. On the other hand, women should be aware of vaginal discharge accompanied by certain and disturbing symptoms or abnormal, one of which is […]

Health Myths and Facts Sex

Do Women Also Need Circumcision?

, – On December 24, 2019, it was reported that a religious foundation in Bandung was holding a mass circumcision. This activity was widely discussed because the foundation did not only hold mass circumcision for boys, but girls as well. The number of girls who registered was quite a lot, reaching 220 children. Launching from […]

Cervicitis Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs

Is Cervicitis a Contagious Disease?

, – Of the many diseases that can attack the female sex organs, cervicitis is one that must be watched out for. Cervicitis is inflammation that occurs in the cervix or cervix. The cervix itself is at the very bottom of the uterus which is connected to the vagina. As with other body tissues, the […]